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Highlights - Communication Group 2014.

No description

Generali Biztosító

on 26 January 2015

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Transcript of Highlights - Communication Group 2014.

We, Communication Group
strong synergie
Online communication
External communication
Internal communication
to position Generali
as expert in insurance
as a socially responsible company
strong communication support on corporate issues, sales activities, products and CSR activities
increase brand awareness
internal and virtual community building
Our goals
more than 80 press releases and news flashes

2013 media coverage: 1733 publications worth HUF
261 million in AVE
social media activity up 10x
increased online presence
Local media awards:
„Social media best practice” award by Kreatív Magazine
Hipnózis – prize in marketing, winner out of 134 nominations

Virtual community on FB: more than 1300 members
volunteer program launched
80 volunteer colleagues
400 internal articles,
34 campaigns
Ideas, Projects
Pension PR campaign
Our best tools:
• opinion research on the Hungarians' view on pension prospects
• Inforgraphics

External communication

• 3 press releases based on data of the research
• press event with guest speakers (external, independent expert)
• follow-up interviews, video

Internal communication
• we support sales agents,
give them visuals and sales arguments
• sales support materials, shares on FB
• articles on internal websites

Online communication
• we reach a new target group of
Generation Y via FB posts
• we generate leads to Generali website
Smile Hunter
Communication of CSR activities
External communication:
press releases
using celebrity to make the program more popular and familiar

Internal communication:
employee volunteering program
Online communication:

dedicated FB page: 10 000 likes, 33 000 people reached last week
Facebook application
10 000 000 virtual smiles
60 happy children
2 awards
YouTube preroll campaign:
40% of people have started to watch
almost 10% of them watched the full video
YouTube banner CTR: 14,6%
Corporate FB page

Goal: reach new target group of Generation Y and generate leads to Generali website
• Likealazyer number (worth of the site): 83 (comparison to our competition: Allianz: 55, Aegon 71, Union: 39, ING: 50)
• 32 000 people reached previous week

Generali for safety
"TroubleMixer" - we use the popularity of FAIL videos on YouTube. Youngsters think that accidents can’t happen to them, or can they?

We offer them to vote for the lucky or bad ending of the videos, finally leading them to insurance solutions on our website.

We plan an outdoor installation for PR.

Facebook application
Generali community
The project supports our internal communication strategy of community building on a modern surface that supports the rapid and two-way flow of information.

The platform seeks to follow people’s online habits, offering them useful information and infotainment, while generating interaction and building the values of the community.

The group now includes over 1300 members.

Group members also become creators of content, sharing market information, sales best practices among themselves, helping each other’s work and supporting the goals of an active internal communication

closed FB group
Integrated communication of values
Internal communication activities involved topics such as:
Promotion of the CSR program, initiating a volunteering program
sharing of press releases and social media posts, tv and radio reports on the company, interviews, inforgraphics
useful information on the financial and insurance market
promotion of content published on official internal portals

Sales support topics:
promotion of sales contest
sharing best practices and advices from sales agents
report on sales agencies meeting

Community contents and events:
values project activities (Selfie competition, Values activity)
voting for product names and campaign slogans
team building reports

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