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Copy of Cert Revised

No description

Marc Medwed

on 14 September 2016

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Transcript of Copy of Cert Revised

Proposals for Certification and Professional Development
What's new and different
in the proposal?
Formative evaluation processes rather than summative evaluation
Process Overview
Phase I
Additional Local Curriculum
The Integration Interview
Looking to the future of our ACPE...
Certified Supervisor
When an aspirant has achieved a proficient level of competence to function as a supervisor of Level I/Level II students, s/he will be granted this status.

A Certified Supervisor may be given a Professional Development Plan that will include recommendations for continued growth.

A Certified Supervisor will be obligated to the newly developed peer review process.
Phase I
Phase II
Creation of a Portfolio managed by the aspirant
Competency-based assessments
Building cohorts for aspirants that include peers and other supervisors who lend an eye towards achievement
Focus on Conceptual Competence and Theories—Acquiring knowledge
Focus on Integration of Theory and Practice and Person
Phase II
Up to the Discretion of the Center, but must include:
Meet Criteria outlined in Standard 403.1
Face-to-Face Interview
Includes at least one person from the Regional
Certification Committee- can join virtually
Statement of a Theology of Pastoral/Spiritual Care
Multicultural Awareness
Faith Group Endorsement
Potential as an Educator
Demonstrates significant pastoral and conceptual competence as evidenced by attainment of
Level I and Level II Outcomes
Specific Requirements
Transition from participation in CPE supervision to progressive autonomy-minimum of 2 independently supervised units without co-supervision
The Portfolio
Media Presentations
The portfolio will be an electronic set of documents that will serve as a guide of the aspirant's journey. In addition, it will serve as the foundation for each person's Professional Development journey and peer review process.
Items to be included in the portfolio:
Peer Review Follow-up to Initial Certification
If the Certified Supervisor was given a Professional Development Plan as an outcome of the Integration Interview, the Peer Review Team assumes responsibility for evaluating fulfillment of that plan.
The Peer Review will take place within two years of initial certification and will pay special attention to evolution of theory (as well as other topics). It will take place in person or virtually via video conference
Becoming a member of
the National Faculty going forward...
This will be an optional add-on to becoming a Certified Supervisor that can be done at any point after one has achieved National Faculty Eligible Status
Peer Review for Members of the National Faculty
Peer Review for
a Certified Supervisor
Upon fulfilling obligations of the Professional Development Plan, the Certified Supervisor becomes National Faculty Eligible.
Certified Supervisor
Member of the National Faculty for Supervisory CPE
Specific Titles are TBD
Portfolio Development
Written Papers
Research Presentations
Webinar/Online Assessment
Face-to-Face Engagement
Video Conferencing
Video Presentation
Local Center
In-Person Seminars at the National Office
Webinars Through the ACPE Academy
Regional Gatherings
National Conference
Assessment by Cohort
Supervisory Peer Group Assessment National Theory Paper Reading Team
Integration Interview
Modalities Utilized
Where is it Taught?
How is it Evaluated?
What's Included?
Theory Papers
Position Papers
Videos of Supervision
Competency Rubrics and Assessments
Records of Module/Webinar Completion
and Evaluation
is ongoing throughout the process and is based on achieving competencies
Each SES is assigned a member of the Certification Commission to oversee his/her process
Aspirant's training supervisor oversees progress
Cohort group offers critical feedback and support
Aspirants who are not adequately progressing will be counseled out
This will be an in-person process that will include five individuals (beyond the aspirant):
the Training Supervisor,
the Theory Paper Mentor,
the Certification Commission Member who is overseeing the aspirant's process,
one member of the aspirant's choosing from his/her cohort, AND
a new representative of the Certification Commission
Observation followed by participation in the supervision of a Level I/Level II student group
Completion of a Core Curriculum (via the ACPE Academy)
By the end of Phase I, the SES:
Before a SES is allowed to supervise solo, a formal evaluation will occur with cohort supervisors and additional people who are not directly involved in the SES's training process
When an aspirant has reached this stage it is expected that all competencies have been met and thus, the focus is on the holistic integration of theory and practice, collegial competence and the welcoming of a new colleague.
Can Teach Level I/Level II CPE
will participate in a portfolio presentation and review with cohort group
will successfully complete Theory and Educational Papers
Regular clinical/case presentations
to local peers and cohort
Focus on the evolution and
application of theories
All Papers written throughout the process
Rubrics illustrating the attainment of the competencies

ACPE Academy Module Reflections
Evaluations and Recommendations
A Certified Supervisor who was certified without a Professional Development Plan or who has completed his/her Professional Development and participated in the Peer Review Process is National Faculty Eligible.

This means that should the individual desire, s/he is eligible to engage in the process of becoming a member of the National Faculty.
Following this initial Peer Review, the Supervisor will then continue with the regular Peer Review Process
Comprised of a minimum of three people who are Certified Supervisors. Additional people may be added at the discretion of the Supervisor or Regional Leadership.
Regional Peer Review Committee Chair or Certification Chair chooses the team in consultation with the supervisor
Includes Video and Written Materials
Supervisor completes a reflection form post review
National Office maintains schedules of reviews, notes delinquencies and receives summaries of Peer Reviews
The SES supervisor is expected to be part of a regular, on-going consultation group.
Must include 3 (or more) Certified Supervisors who are members of the National Faculty.
Regional Peer Review Committee Chair or Certification Chair chooses the team in consultation with the supervisor
Includes Video and Written Materials
Supervisor completes a reflection form post review
National Office maintains schedules of reviews, notes delinquencies and receives summaries of Peer Reviews
a commitment to additional continuing education specific to supervisory education
Certified ACPE Supervisors who have supervised a supervisory education student within three years of the date this program is implemented will be grand-parented in and automatically recognized as a member of the national faculty.
ACPE Supervisors who have not previously supervised supervisory education who complete the core curriculum and work with a mentor.
National Faculty are those who are granted permission to supervise SES on the path towards Certification and participate in the certification process of SES in cohort groups.
a willingness to complete a core curriculum for supervisory education
General Requirements:
Participate (in person or via video-conferencing) in ongoing consultation with other SES supervisors, where there is active sharing and critiquing of each other's work.
The process to become a member will include the continued development of the Supervisor's portfolio with specific items to be determined.
Admission will be determined by current members after a thorough review of the portfolio and an interview (in person or via video-conference).
will participate in a formal review of his/her progress and achievement
The beginning of a bright new day for ACPE...
Looking to the future of our ACPE....
Proposals from the
Certification Reform Task Force
and the
Professional Development Task Force
All National Faculty, no matter how long they have held the title, will participate in an
ongoing process (see next slides)
National Faculty Eligible
National Faculty Eligible
An outcome of this Interview might be a Professional Development Plan for the Supervisor to be worked on post-Certification.
This framework was endorsed by the Board at its recent meeting in November 2015. Please note that these are not specific details, but rather a broad direction from which the Task Forces are now developing each aspect of the process.
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