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Career Shadowing- April 16, 2010

Eddie Anderson

Hayden Huffaker

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Career Shadowing- April 16, 2010

Career Shadowing
Hayden Huffaker Shadowing: Eddie Anderson The purpose of this company is to buy and sell cars. In 15 years, eddie plans on the company still serving the polk county community. Of course, many employablity skills are used at this car lot. The average salary for someone in his position is $120,000 to 200,000 and a sales associate, anywhere from $40,000 to 75,000. Mr. Anderson has a high school diploma but he has put in a lot of effort into this business, starting off his posistion very low and eventually learning enough to make his way up to the top. Compiuters and digital cameras are often used at Eddie Anderson motors. You have to have a lot of knowledge about cars; what to buy, when to buy and also where to buy. Also, you need to know how to work banks, finance, and what to put in ads. Also, when buying cars you have to keep in mind certain trends, their value, the paint work and you have to be skilled in marketing. I would pursue a career like this, as a business owner because I like to be in charge. Although, it would probably not be a car lot. The best thing about this job is that there is a lot of freedom. You are able to schedule your own hours and you make all the desicions, which is sometimes a difficult task but is also very rewarding. One thing I did not like about this job is that there were very high levels of responsibility. Digital cameras are used to take pictures of cars for ads, and programs like Excell are used for organizing data. They use programs like System 2000 and ANDA.com. They always have to be respectful to there co-workers and to car buyers. Although, no uniforms are enforced and you are able to eat and chew gum during work hours. Preparation is a key factor in have a successful business, like Mr. Anderson. Knowing how to work with people is very important in the car industry. If they didn't have a good reputation, they would not get any interested buyers and would go out of business.
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