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iPad Project Presentation

iPad Project Presentation

Shen Zhang

on 11 May 2014

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Transcript of iPad Project Presentation

Developing an AUTonline Help Application
Photo credits: 'Apple iPad 3' by Webestigate
The story so far...
iPad app using Webview
Help documents
Database location and folder structure
PDFs and ePubs
Now have document repository in CMS

A web front end for most users

An app for iPad users

Learned Objective C and xCode

App will be available in the app store soon
Using Xcode
Learning ObjectiveC
iPad app user interface design
Database connection

SQLite for local data
Web Front End
Convert PDF's into ePubs



And more
Adding content onto CfLAT
Develop Moodle module
Design to look like Blackboard
CSS design for mobile devices
@media only screen and (min-device-width: 481px) and (max-device-width: 1024px) and (orientation:landscape)
@media only screen and (min-device-width: 481px) and (max-device-width: 1024px) and (orientation:portrait) {
Captivate 5
The file output produced and the size of the file

Ease of use


Clear visual display produced

Accessible on multiple computers
Things to consider when using screencast software
Costs $179 US for educational use
You can produce files in most formats
Advanced editing functions
30 day free trial
Not so easy to use
Can only be used on one computer
Our decision
ease of use
quicker to produce videos
editing options not really required because we only want to produce short screencasts
able to use on all computers
file formats produced
Advanced editing options
Not so easy to use
Can only be used on one computer
Cost, but I already have a version on my computer
Only produces flash files, which are not viewable on the ipad
Easy to use
Free for educational or home use
You can use on multi computers
Files can be saved as a Quicktime, Windows Media Player or Flash
Basic editing options available at minimal cost
Things that we have done:
Calculator app
Connecting app to SQLite database
Displaying PDFs using Webview
Split view
Web services in PHP and Blackboard
- open standard used in many different devices to display books, newspapers and magazines
The ePub format is supported by many ebook readers, which makes it almost a standard in ebooks. Can be read in
•The iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch, via iBooks.
•Android devices, via FBreader
•The Nook
•Sony Readers
•The Kobo Reader
•Any Windows, Mac or Linux machines, via a number of programs.
•Many more devices
Here are some of the other tools available to accomplish that:

Sigil ePub editor: Multi-platform: runs on Windows, Linux and Mac
Pages: expensive
ePub Maker: you can easily convert HTML articles and DOC files into ePubs as well
ePub Cross platform tool
eScape ePub Creator - Converts OpenOffice documents to ePub format.
ODFtoEpub - Converts OpenOffice files to ePub format.
BookGlutton - Converts HTML web pages to ePub format.
EasyEPub - Convert from Adobe InDesign or Quark format to ePub
epubs don't maximise the most of screen real estate and the pagination graphic uses a lot of space on the right hand side as well as top and bottom.
Non-ASCII characters appear correctly in ePub but show up as question marks on the Reader.
Fonts and special characters often don't convert correctly.
Drop Caps need to be manipulated
Need high quality images
Some centred elements render as left-aligned in the output.
Does not convert MS Word, need to convert to PDF first - Converts files one by one
text wraping around an image isn't possible and is not preserved if there already.
strangely enough, certain centered elements (e.g., chapter heads) were rendered as left-aligned in the output.
So instead of pre-formatting, which most of the other programs require, Calibre may sometimes require post-formatting,
text wrap around an image is possible as can anchor images in the text and manually adjust the CSS after export.
Word to ePub possible
Issues to be aware of
Calibre is a multi-platform, open-source ebook management and converter software. Calibre works in Windows, Linux, Mac OS and its compatible with almost all ebook readers and mobile applications. It supports automatic syncing of most converted ebooks in iPhone, iPod, Sony Reader. Amazon Kindle, Android phones and others.
It is free, open source and cross-platform in design and works well Linux, Mac and Window
Easy to use, Quick, efficient to convert PDF to ePub
Free to download
Images rendered clearly and proportionally
everything is fixed—fonts, graphics, text, etc.—so it looks the same everywhere, versus the reflowable format that adjusts to the screen size
you can set up the look and feel, page orientation, structure and the other PDF/ePUB properties
InDesign Pros
Calibre Cons
Captivate 5
Expensive software to own
Need to be able to use InDesign
InDesign Cons

The trouble is that the ePub aesthetically looks good. You can flick the pages just like a book etc.
BUT if you want to read something a short document quickly and view as much of the page as possible at once - a PDF somehow does this better. The images are in the text.
Do We Use EPubs or just PDFs?
Calibre Pros
The big question of
App review
Web Services ?
Json ?
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