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Copy of Writing: Intros & Conclusions

No description

Mollie Browning

on 5 October 2016

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Transcript of Copy of Writing: Intros & Conclusions

You need to sound smart and
clever, but NOT childish or "gimmicky."
Choose carefully... because
whichever technique you pick
you will need to use it in the
conclusion as well.
Think of it as if
the Introduction
and Conclusion
are the frames of
your essay.
so, if you choose to start with a quote... you need to incorporate an idea from that quote in your conclusion.
DO NOT REPEAT THE QUOTE in your conclusion.
that way, your essay has
a matching FRAME.
My elementary school self received a
rude awakening during my first year at
JWJ, but now I am a confident eighth
1st sentence:
Start by re-stating your two main reasons.
Re-state your Position clearly.
4th-5th: sentence(s): end with "a bang" that is connected to your intro. Pick up that same idea/flavor that you started with
*Use a quote
*Write a smart sentence that is inspired by the texts.
*Use a reference to history.
that is NOT from the texts.
Length-Around 4-5 sentences

1st - Clever start
2nd- Make your position clear
3rd- OBD
use a lot of imagery
start with a "sound"
Ask the reader a question
My Advice~

Use the passages for inspiration.
Is there a metaphor you can build on?
Is there an idea you can expand on?
Does any of the material spark an idea?
So, what should I include in my
A Sample [Argumentative] Introduction
with a STRONG CLAIM. It...
Has an Engaging Start [with brackets around it]
Sets up the Prompt [which is highlighted]
Mentions the OBD [in another color]
& ends with the THESIS [underlined]

Here are some ways to start. Pick ONE of these:
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