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Analysis of The Sun Goes Down On Summer

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Michael McIntyre

on 3 October 2014

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Transcript of Analysis of The Sun Goes Down On Summer

by Steve Lawhead
The Sun Goes Down On Summer
Read the poem silently and place a
by any words, phrases, or lines you don't understand.
Read the poem again. Underline at least two
lines that resonate with you --
phrases that you can relate to personally,
or that make you feel a certain way.
Now listen as I read the poem aloud. Circle any words or phrases that sound interesting to you. Listen and look closely for
sensory language
figurative language
Now, turn to someone beside you and
share out the lines and phrases you marked.
Explain WHY those items stood out to you.
Class Discussion:
First days are always hard, but with
“first days” we have the promise of a
“fresh opportunity to find myself”.
What does this phrase mean?

Two themes we have been working with for the
first 9 weeks of school are WHERE DO I BELONG?
How does this poem touch on the theme
WHERE DO I BELONG or the theme
Exit Ticket: Resolution for the Fall Quarter
Go to the Discussion Board, and find the topic "Summer's End". Write down one memorable experience/event from the Summer Quarter. Then, jot down
things you would like to do differently the rest of the year. Make sure to put your name on your thread and post!
Look at the title of the poem. What do you think this poem going to be about?
Write a paragraph describing at least one deeper message (ex. loss of freedom, being true to yourself, etc.) that you uncovered in the poem.
Restate the Question -- start your paragraph
Answer the Question
(a sentence with a subject and an opinion) for each deeper message you describe. In other words, make a point.
Then add a
concrete detail
to back up your point (example quote from the poem that illustrates your opinion). THIS IS THE "C" in the RACE Tactic
Most importantly, add your
that explains how that quote proves your topic sentence to be true.
THIS IS THE E in the RACE tactic. You can have more than one sentence here.
Finish with a concluding sentence that perhaps touches on the tone of the speaker or the overall mood of the poem.
What imagery did you find in the poem? How does the imagery shape the tone of the speaker and the mood of the poem??

What metaphors did you find in the poem? What ideas or concepts might these metaphors reallllly be talking about? Why is the poet making these comparisons?
Think about the title of the poem again. What is "summer's end" being compared to? In other words,
is the poet giving the reader a metaphor in the title?
If so, why??
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