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The practice of Medicine and Pharmacy in the different regions of Luzon: Negritos

No description

trace tinio

on 6 October 2012

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Transcript of The practice of Medicine and Pharmacy in the different regions of Luzon: Negritos

The Negrito are a class of
several ethnic groups who
inhabit isolated parts of
Southeast Asia. NEGRITOS The Negritos or also known as Aetas have all the marks of:
> Good Health
> Clean Teeth
> Sweet Breath and
> Good Teeth. Beriberi is a disease in which the body
does not have enough thiamine (vitamin B1)
Symptoms of dry beriberi include: Difficulty walking;
Loss of feeling (sensation) in hands and feet; Loss
of muscle function or paralysis Negritos have a good appetite
and eat every thing that comes along.
They are not affected by beriberi nor elephantiasis not venereal diseases. Elephantiasis, or Lymphatic Filariasis,
is a rare disorder of the lymphatic system
caused by parasitic worms such as Wuchereria
bancrofti, Brugia malayi, and B. timori, all of which
are transmitted by mosquitos. SOME DISEASES AND
THEIR TREATMENTS: Stomach ache - a decoction of bamboo leaves and the molave tree.
Colds - feet are warmed over fire
Rheumatism - shaving of the head and applying hot water over it
Constipation - Larva of ants are given
Rignworms - Lizards
Smallpox - forefoot of the monkey
Fever - a fungus called "ugbat batu" GROUP MEMBERS:

Ivy Tan
Tracy Tinio
Karen Verano
Angelique Villa
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