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Market Yourself and Your Business Through Social Networking - AMM Communications

In a tough job market and a difficult economy, how do you market the "Brand Called You?" Ed Mayuga, principal of AMM Communications, a St. Louis-based public relations firm will show you some quick steps to marketing yourself through social media.

Ed Mayuga

on 15 September 2010

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Transcript of Market Yourself and Your Business Through Social Networking - AMM Communications

Ed Mayuga - Principal, AMM Communications a St. Louis-based Public Relations firm Show of Hands: "How many of you think that you are working in the last job you will ever have?" "How many of you want to get promoted from your current position?" "And how many of you have signed up for LinkedIn? For Facebook? For Twitter?" Even if you own your own business, statistics show that the average person will work at least 5 places during their career. These are companies that I have worked for... And I'm only 42 According to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, In the St. Louis area, there are currently 19 job seekers for every job opening... And at the $100k+ plus level there are many more job seekers... In order to maintain your competitive edge, it is important to market and sell "The Brand Called You" Personal Branding:
Five Ways to Make Your Personal Brand Work for You
http://socialmediatoday.com/SMC/187628 - by Richard Hostler Option #1: Use Your Middle Name or Nickname - To stand apart from other people with your name. Option #2: Add a Descriptor - ie:

Ed Mayuga is an expert communicator that helps his clients' businesses grow!
Option #3: Add a Location - Your state and hometown. Option #4: Try Other Domains - ie: yourname.net or yourname.me Option #5: Change Your Name - Not a good option because its expensive. Use social media to drive traffic to your website. How you ask? These are my websites:

http://www.edgardomayuga.com By filling your website with content generated on... Then, list your website on your resume, or if you have a business, direct your website towards your landing page. Set up a blog on Wordpress and embed your widgets and feeds...
Second Call to Action: Start on LinkedIn Because of the lack of jobs, there are more people starting businesses which equals more competition for customers! Avoid the Seven Top LinkedIn Mistakes: #1 - Missing Profile Photo #2 - Lack of Detailing in Your Profile #3 - Ignoring Applications
http://www.linkedin.com/static?key=application_directory&goback=.prf_en*4US #7 - Selling Directly
You want to be found by: Thank you! Q&A Time Here's my contact info:
Ed Mayuga
Google Voice: (314) 485-9810
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