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Jolene Salisbury

on 5 March 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Cheryl Cartman ~ the 35 year Journey How did you decide to become a teacher? Do you have any advice for new teachers? I really don't know. School was always easy for me.

When I came to Grad, my principal asked what he should say I was going to do after grad, and without thinking, I said I was going into education. And that was it!

I've now taught for almost 35 years! Yes!
I was scared, nervous, excited... all kinds of feelings and emotions.

There was a feeling of being surreal... like "WOW, I'm the teacher and this is my class!"

The first pay check was awesome. Some of the days in between, no so much. But overall, it was great! Do you remember your first day? Having taught grade 1 for so many years, the best moments are the ones when students realize for the first time that they can read. There are so many "firsts" in grade 1.

The worst moments are when you lose it. And trust me, it will happen! I found that apologizing works.

Most memorable moment of all time, was when I had an autistic child in my class really communicate with me for the first time. What are your best and worst memories? Absolutely, everyone "wings" it once in a while.

Just make sure you have a "few things" you can use when you have to wing it.

Always have a back up plan, and a back up plan for the the back up plan. And when in doubt, have fun! Did you ever have to fake it to get through a day? 1. Make sure you genuinely like kids.
2. Always try to see the positive, in yourself, and in your students
3. Use praise eveyrday
4. Expect the most from yourself and your students
5. Be happy, smile, don't take yourself too seriously
6. Try new things
7. Be willing to help others whenever you can, and don't forget to ask for help if you need it
8. Take time for yourself everyday!!!
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