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Caribbean Music Genres

All about musical genres of Caribbean music.

elijah woolley

on 28 November 2012

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Transcript of Caribbean Music Genres

Caribbean Music Genres Reggae Origins Genres of music that came before Reggae are:
Rocksteady Reggae existed to show the world the sufferings of the people, especially poor people who are the victims of the corrupt political systems. Jamaica's politics and politicians keeps deceiving the people continually. Reggae music is still popular internationally and exists in many offshoot forms, from conscious and roots reggae to sexually explicit Dancehall. Reggae music is flexible, lending itself to different arrangements and meshing well with varying musical styles. The common themes of the song lyrics of reggae music are usually associated with various subjects including:
Poverty Content There are various types of instruments that make up Reggae, these interments in harmony produce a calming "lounging by the beach" rhythm that is relaxing to people. these instruments are:
African Drums
Spanish Guitar
Brass Instruments
Keyboards and Pianos Top Ten Artists Alton Ellis
Burning Spear
Michael Rose
Dennis Brown
Desmond Dekker
Gregory Isaacs
Peter Tosh
Jimmy Cliffe
Toots Hibbert
Robert Nesta Marley Song Analysis of Peter Tosh's song: Jah Seh No Bashment Reggae Bashment is also known as dancehall music which is a popular genre to Jamaicans, this type of music was developed in1978 it’skind of like reggae and grime put together but it has dance-full fast beat/pacetoit. In the mid-1990s with the rise of dancehall quite a few artists developed a very strong connection between dancehall and Rastafari. Dancehall music has come under criticism from international organizations and individuals for its violent and sometimes homophobic lyrics ,although the lyrical themes are more varied than simply dealing with slackness and violence. What is Bashment music? Top Artists Beenie Man
Shabba Ranks
Buju Banton
Lady saw
Bounty Killer
Mr. Vagas
Spragga Benz
General Degree
Terror Fabulous
Red Rat Song Analysis of Chaka Demus & Pliers song: Murder She Wrote Modern Dancehall What is Danchall music? The style is characterized by a deejay singing and toasting (or rapping) over raw and danceable music riddims. The rhythm in dancehall is much faster than in reggae, usually with drum machines replacing acoustic sets. In the early years of dancehall, some found its lyrics crude or "slack", particularly because of its sexual tones, popular among youths in Jamaica. Like its reggae predecessor, dancehall eventually made inroads onto the world music scene. It is the predecessor of hip hop music. Popular Artists Elephant man
Blak Ryno
Vybz kartel Song Analysis of Vybz Kartel's song: Go Go Wine Calypso Genres of music that came before Calypso are:
Ribald songs
Traditional drumming
Stick-fighting songs Calypso music Originated as a means to communicate and also as a way to mock slave masters without them knowing. The creativity and ingenuity of calypso can still be heard today. Over time, a melting pot of culture, rhythms and sounds blended to make modern calypso. Trinidad was first owned by the Spanish, then later the French and then the British, which illustrates the diverse languages and cultures that blended with the West African sounds to make calypso music. Modern calypso still pokes fun at current events; this is related to how the slaves used the music to mock their masters. Certain songs are light and jovial, while others are used as a political statement. According to Carib Planet, calypso has traditionally been the voice of the people and their social concerns. Origins Content Types of instruments that are use in Calypso are:
Spanish Guitar
Bamboo sticks
Glass bottles/Spoons
Jawbone Calypso gained commercial appeal in the United States in 1956 with the release of the Calypso album by the jamaican singer and actor Harry Belafonte. This album featured Belafonte’s “Banana Boat Song” (“Day-O”), a Jamaican work song sung by dockworkers loading bananas. Calypso is still going strong today in the Caribbean and England, but is not as main stream as it was back in the 50's and 60's. Calypso and soca music has usually contained erotic themes exhibiting within their lyrics a lustful sexuality. Often to get around this out-and-out vulgarity many calypsonians use double entendres, which allows them to say one thing while meaning another. These erotic and sexually shocking lyrics are usually used to get the attention of the judges in the calypso competitions, and some of the best calypsonians are known to perform this skill well. Calypso usually makes people want to dance. The tropical vibes that it has makes people feel happy and even has the same relaxing effect on people that reggae does. Song Analysis of Harry Belafonte's song: Jump in the line Soca Calypso was said to be dying and reggae was the in thing. This prompted Lord Shorty(Calypso artist turned Soca artist) to experiment with calypso rhythms in an effort to create a different type of music. He combined Indian musical instruments like the dholak, tabla, and dhantal with traditional calypso music and it resulted in a new, energetic hybrid called soca. The music was first called solka by Lord Shorty; meaning the soul of Calypso, but later it was changed to soca by a music journalist. Origins Today, the challenge for power soca songwriters is to write songs that can move audiences but not be a regurgitation of the jump and wave theme. This is not the easiest of tasks because of the very nature of the festival that soca music is centered around. Soca music is largely carnival music. Since carnival is all about jumping and waving, the music that drives it must be able to engender such activity. Increasingly, artists are succeeding at writing songs which are not necessarily based on "jump and wave" or waving rags and flags. In an attempt to stay clear of monotony, themes like love, peace and togetherness have been very common. Content Top Artists Byron Lee
Mighty Sparrow
Lord Kitchener
Lord Invader
Calypso Rose
Sugar Aloes
Harry Belafonte Top Artists Machel Montano
Iwer George
Destra Garcia
Kevin Lyttle
Skinny Fabulous
Lil' Rick
Allison Hinds
Sheldon Douglas
Adrian Dutchin Song Analysis of Terror Fabulous feat. Machel Montano: Charge Up
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