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Prezi Presentation

These are the before and after shots of photos I took and photos from the Internet.I cropped,resized,added effects and decorated using Photoshop Express Editor.

Karen Phillips

on 18 February 2013

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Transcript of Prezi Presentation

My Prezi Presentation They call me ,"Bruce" After shot Before On your marks,get set..GO!! Have you guessed what I did ? Because I don't!! Before Shot The Rejected Pile Before Before Before After Shot After After By Karen Boyd This is the before shot This is the after shot,I did this and I did that In this Presentation,You will see before and after shots of photos that I took and photo's from the internet. I cropped,re sized, added effects & decorated Using Photoshop Express Editor Apart from changing the colour to Black &White,I also added White Doves and a few loose feathers Looks like I framed,re sized and distorted I added a few things to this 1 but let me refresh your memory In this one,I re sized,changed it from colour to black & White and added Fonts In this picture,I added a frame,costume,cartoon character plus font I'm a little embarrassed to show this one but wtf To which ones,your guess is as good as mine!!!! In the Photos they were either Distorted,Pixelated,Crystallized,Soft Focused,Sharpened,Burnt,dodged,Saturation,Filled Light,High Lighted,White Balanced,Exposed,Re sized,Crop and Rotated,Black &White This has nothing to do with it!!
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