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20.1 The Water Planet

No description

Katelynn Dorn

on 14 January 2015

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Transcript of 20.1 The Water Planet

Ch. 20- The Ocean Basins
Les. 1 The Water Planet
Ocean Numbers
Sound Navigation and Ranging
Transmitter- sends out sound waves
Waves bounce off ocean floor and travel to receiver
Pulses are called pings
Measure the amount of time wave takes to travel back to find depth
1850s- Matthew Maury
1872- British Navy ship, Challenger
JOIDES Resolution
can drill 6.4 km into ocean floor
provides data about plate tectonics and oceanic crust
Exploration of the Ocean
Oceanography- study of physical characteristics, chemical composition, and life forms of ocean
-underwater research vessels
piloted by people or are robots
- limited movement
- free-moving, carries scientists, discovered deep sea creatures in thermal vents, Alvin
3 major oceans
- 3.9 km
more than half the ocean water
Bering, Coral, S. China seas, Sea of Japan
- 3.6 km
Mediterranean, Caribbean, Baltic seas, Gulf of Mexico
- 3.8 km
Arabian & Red Seas
Divisions of the Global Ocean
Robert Ballard used Argo to find the Titanic
Jason Jr. toured the inside
The Water Planet
Assignment- 20.1 WS
71% of the Earth's surface is water
Oceans make up 97% of that
Water only takes up about 1/4000 of Earth total volume
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