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Chinese Cinderella - ONE CHILD POLICY

A story about an unwanted daughter stems from the lands of China. China, now in the modern day, still faces many difficult obstacles. This presentation will talk about a news topic that is happening in China

Sydney L

on 29 April 2011

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Transcript of Chinese Cinderella - ONE CHILD POLICY

Chinese Cinderella Chinese
Yen Mah Adeline Yen Mah
Adeline Yen Mah's true story, Chinese Cinderella
talks about her experience as a young chinese
daughter growing up unwanted in her family. Adeline faces neglect in which stems from
her Father and Stepmother. When Adeline
was born, her mother passed away, thus
declaring her as "bad luck".
CHINA One Child Policy in About the Novel The In 1979, Deng Xiao-Ping announced
the ONE CHILD POLICY to limit
China's growth in population.
At the time, he said it was going to be a
temporary measure. - every married couple is only allowed to have one child -families who have more then one child
are offered free abortions and birth control -some families are charged with fines if they choose to have more than one child; sometimes, they may lose their jobs or get demoted. What is the One Child Policy? But since then, this policy has been renewed every 5 years. PROBLEMS GENDER IMBALANCE GOVERNMENT ACTION "It is not a few hundreds,
the killing of girls is happening
in millions. It is genocide.
In China, an estimated 1.2 million
girls are killed every year in their
obsession for sons and the
one-child policy." -Sabu George
-boys are
preferred over
girls continue the family name
work harder in the fields
condemned to be more "successful" an example would be
previously, in one
the boy:girl ratio was
142:100 In the 2005 China
census, there were
160 boys for every
100 girls. This means
around 2015,
there will be
30-40 million
males who
wont find a wife. -Government
officials are worried
about a possible
danger to having
30-40 million single
men roam the streets. Almost 1 million baby
girl fetus' are aborted
each year. Tens of thousands are abandoned each year. The Chinese government made it
illegal to check what gender the unborn
baby was in 1994; but this rule was bypassed
due to many bribes. Many families go take an
ultrasound to check what gender
their baby is; many hope for a boy
as the boy will be celebrated at home. The main form of
is paying fines; some
fines can be 20% of your
income, and some people
have had to pay 4x their
annual income. The government
have forced many
women to
have abortions and
get sterilized. Riots have broken
out after the army
broke into homes
of pregnant women
with sledgehammers. Officials
have also... confiscated livestock, stolen
money, & vandalized
homes. There are stories of government
officials making women who are in
their 8th or 9th months of labour
going through an abortion. pulled down houses, taken away timber
and horse carts, So why does the Chinese Government think the One Child Policy is such a good idea? aiding economic growth
population control
improving health & welfare of women and children
improves lifestyle; if too many people are born, many could be living in poverty and live a horrible life. Many newborn baby girls are also found in garbage dumps every once in a while, "abandoned" by their biological parents. "Boys are the best, because
they can work" -Zhang Hongying, mother "One baby died before we even got her home,"
says Mrs Chen. "Another garbage scavenger
had taken her clothes and then left her to die.
I was the only one who would pick her up.
I couldn't bear to see her die.".

"Parents shouldn't throw away their children.
This shouldn't be happening." -Chen Rong BIBLIOGRAPHY One Child Policy- China. Dir. Journeyman Pictures." Youtube : 2007, Web. 25 Apr 2011. Bohon, Dave. "China Considers Easing "One Child" Population Control Policy." 04/04/2011 : n. pag. Web. 25 Apr 2011. <http://www.thenewamerican.com/world-mainmenu-26/asia-mainmenu-33/6967-china-considers-easing-one-child-population-control-policy>. Brookes, Adam. "China's unwanted girls." 23/08/2001: n. pag. Web. 25 Apr 2011. <http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/asia-pacific/1506469.stm>. CBC News, . "One-child policy raises tensions in China." 28/05/2007: n. pag. Web. 25 Apr 2011. <http://www.cbc.ca/news/world/story/2007/05/28/china-riots.html>. Francis, Diane . "The real inconvenient truth." 08/12/2009: n. pag. Web. 25 Apr 2011. <http://www.financialpost.com/story.html?id=2314438>. Coonan, Clifford . "China eases rules on one child policy." 01/04/2011: n. pag. Web. 25 Apr 2011. <http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/asia/china-eases-rules-on-one-child-policy-2258875.html>. Hesketh, Therese. "Health in China: The one child family policy: the good, the bad, and the ugly." 07/06/1997: n. pag. Web. 25 Apr 2011. <http://www.bmj.com/content/314/7095/1685.abstract>. by Sydney Lung The People of China are outraged that they are only allowed to have one child. Many young couples want to have a posperous family, but because of this policy, they cannot. There are also families who don't plan on having another child but do by accident, are faced with fines. The "One Child Policy" affects many couples across China who try to have a family. No matter the protests, or riots, the Chinese Government still stands by the
Policy, no matter how much their citizens suffer. NEXT S T E P S . . . . . china has been relaxing the one child policy rule overtime
planned in 2015 that the policy will not be renewed
in a new plan, Beijing couples that have two children will only have to pay the fines if the mother is under the age of 28 and the children are less than 4 years apart in age
many rules depend on the region and province About 40 million
births were prevented
by this policy. too many seniors
and not enough
young people
to sustain the
economy gender
imbalance + The ONE CHILD POLICY in CHINA by Sydney Lung reasons pushing the chinese government to discard the
One Child Policy: THANK YOU ! The story goes on and talks about the pain and rejection that Adeline faces caused by her parents. It also tells the story about the love and support her Aunt and Grandfather pass down to her, and the freedom and courage she has at school. Adeline faces many obstacles with culture, as
the French Concession takes place during this
time period. Adeline moves from boarding school
to boarding school where she learns a variety of languages including French, Chinese, and English. Due to her time away from home, Adeline slowly throws away her Chinese Culture.
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