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The Unexamined Text (is not worth reading)


sara bauer

on 9 December 2015

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Transcript of The Unexamined Text (is not worth reading)

The Unexamined Text
(is not worth reading)

Theory for high school students should be based in activity.
What world / regional / local events were taking place at the
time the work was written? Ex. Artistic movements, fashions /
styles, entertainment, social changes, political upheavals.
Are there marginal texts available? Ex. Newspaper articles,
songs, recipes, film, photographs, artwork, etc.
What evidence is there that the author conformed to or
subverted expectations of others in the composition of this
New Historical Lens
Feminist Len
Critical Frameworks
Reading with theory
Close Reading
Use internet sources to compose a summary without plagiarizing
1) gather 4-7 sources
2) read sources and take micro-notes
3) cross-check notes for authenticity
4) consider audience
5) sequence notes to appeal to audience
6) re-write notes into an appealing summary
7) double-check summary against sources to avoid plagiarism
1. Introduce critical frameworks
2. Practice skills with passages from core texts
3. Supply a range of choices
4. Support independent reading, research and writing by modeling techniques

Modeling literary analysis
1.instructor selects independent read
2.model interacting with / annotating text during
initial reading
3.formulate 3 thesis statements
4.students evaluate thesis statements and discuss
critical lens required to complete each one
5.students vote on the paper instructor will write
6.instructor provides evidence of progress in
advance of student deadlines
Provide Models
Not a formula, but a strategy for reading
careful scrutiny / multiple readings of a passage of text
emphasis of particular over general
discern patterns
word study
knowledge of craft techniques and their uses

doesn't necessarily lead one to particiuular conclusions about texts. Rather, it suggests frames in which a variety of interpretations can be articulated. -- Appleman
Where are the women?
What are they doing?
How do they relate to other women?
How do they relate to men?
What is the function of gender in this text?
Marxist Lens
How do members of social classes interact with each other?
How would you describe the "rules" of social interaction?
Does any character "climb the social ladder"?
Is there evidence of social tension?
How does financial / social / political power function in this text?

What does the author do?
How does the author do it?
The many references to sound in
this passage help the reader understand
In order to demonstrate the tension
that exists between Daisy and Tom,
the author ____________________.
Structuring a successful literary analysis unit -- 23
Modeling the assignment -- 19
Explaining close reading -- 15
Harnessing the power of the World Wide Web
(while avoiding plagiarism issues) -- 14
Why use theory rather than a reader-response approach?
The purpose of teaching literary theory at the secondary level is not to turn adolescents into critical theorists; rather it is to encourage adolescents to inhabit theories comfortably enough to construct their own readings and to learn to appreciate the power of multiple perspectives.
-- Deborah Appleman
Critical Encounters in High School English
Pedro Xisto
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