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Study Abroad 101

Drexel University's Study Abroad Office offers many unique and exciting opportunities for students to study abroad. Please watch this online presentation to get a better idea what study abroad options are available for you!

Lisa Shen

on 4 September 2015

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Transcript of Study Abroad 101

What is Study Abroad?
Spend one or more terms studying at an international location
Receive Drexel credit through Drexel sponsored programs
All majors are able to study abroad
Drexel has 3 types of programs
Free Standing Programs
Group of students from Drexel or other American universities
Drexel credit & grades (GPA-bearing)
Smaller course offering
Pay a Drexel program fee (usually includes housing)
Cost of Drexel-Sponsored Programs
Pay regular Drexel tuition
financial aid
Program fee for free-standing programs
Housing for exchange programs
Work study position available
Scholarship available
When Should I Study Abroad?
Typically, the best years to go are sophomore, pre-junior, or junior years
exchange programs
are in the Fall
Fall and Summer have the most program options
Some programs may require a co-op cycle change
Talk to your academic advisor
Study Abroad 101
Become a student at a university abroad - take classes with local and international students
Drexel credit: pass/fail (credit or no credit)
Select from an entire course catalog
No Drexel program fee
Exchange Programs
Intensive Courses Abroad
Short (1-3 weeks), faculty-led programs during break weeks
Students earn 1-3 Drexel credits
Most are open to
all majors
Pay a program fee, but no extra Drexel tuition
Different programs every term -
check the website for the most up to date list!
What are my next steps?
1. Review programs online
2. Talk to your
academic advisor
about going abroad
3. Complete an advising questionnaire on our website
4. Email and let us know you completed the
Abroad 101 session
5. Schedule an appointment with a study abroad advisor
Application Process
After you meet with a study abroad advisor, complete the online application

Pre-approval Form
Two Recommendations
Drexel Faculty or Co-op Supervisor only

Application Fee

It's best to have a second choice!
Fall Programs: February 1
Drexel in London Fall: April 15
Bioko Island Fall: May 1
Summer Programs: January 15 (Priority) or March 1 (Regular)
Drexel in London – Graphic Design: January 15
Winter Programs: September 1
Drexel in London: September 15
Spring Programs: September 1
Drexel in London: November 1
ICA deadlines vary by program and some programs have different deadlines – check the brochure online!

*all photos taken by past Drexel study abroad students
Independent Study Abroad
If you don't see what you want, we can work with you for an independent program (not Drexel-sponsored)
Programs available in every corner of the world
Financial aid may NOT apply
Receive transfer credit, NOT Drexel credit
Free Standing Programs by Area of Study
Drexel in London
Available all terms
Drexel in Rome*: American University of Rome
Available in the Fall
Drexel in Costa Rica*
Volunteer opportunities available
Available all terms
Drexel in Equitorial Guinea: Bioko Island
Biology and environmental science research
Available Fall or Winter
Drexel in Spain: Spanish Language & Culture
Available in Fall* or Summer
* Language Requirement
All Areas (Fall, Winter, Spring)
Media Arts and Design
Drexel in London (Summer)
Graphic Design, Interior Design, D&M
Drexel in Florence
D&M, Fashion Design, Product Design
Drexel in England
London College of Fashion
Drexel in Czech Republic
Prague (Summer)
Drexel in London
Spring Term
Drexel in Costa Rica
Winter Term
Freshman Summer
Drexel in Czech Republic
: Summer in Prague
Drexel in Dublin + London
: Dual City Summer
Drexel in London + Amman
: Summer Studies in Peace and Conflict
Drexel in France*
: Summer in Montpellier
Drexel in Italy
: Summer in Rome
Drexel in Spain
: Language and Culture
Drexel in Ireland
: Cork Summer Writing Workshops
Drexel in Paris + London
: Dual City Summer
All Areas (Summer)
Click on the area of study to view programs
Drexel in London
All terms
Drexel in Berlin + London
Summer term
Drexel in Equatorial Guinea: Bioko Island
Biology and environmental science research
Available Fall and Winter terms
Biology and Environmental Science
Exchange Programs by Area of Study
IAS & Language
CIEE: Paris, France
CIEE: Rennes, France
CIEE: St. Petersburg, Russia
CIEE: Amman, Jordan
CIEE: Beijing, China
Drexel in Spain: Spanish Language and Culture

CIEE: Nanjing, China
CIEE: Shanghai, China
CIEE: Tokyo, Japan
EPA: Brussels
EPA: Madrid

Global Engineering Education Exchange (GE3)
France (INSA Lyon)* Mexico (Monterrey)*
Japan (Tohoku)* Hong Kong (Polytechnic)
Indonesia (Bandung)
Drexel in Turkey
Bogazici University (Biomedical Engineering and Applied Sciences only)
Drexel in Denmark
Denmark Technical University (DTU)
Drexel in Hong Kong
Hong Kong University of Science & Technology
Drexel in Spain
UP Comillas*
COE, CCI & Biomed
Special Engineering Programs
Drexel in Germany: Engineering Spring in Bochum
Open to Chemical and Mechanical Engineering majors only
Spring term of pre-junior year
No language pre-requisite, courses in English alongside local Ruhr students

Drexel in Spain: Engineering Winter in Madrid (SAPIENS)
Winter term of sophomore year
All courses taught in English; SPAN 101 pre-req


BS/MS Degree students
Students study in three countries and receive two Master Degrees: one from Drexel University and the second from either Politecnico di Milano or Universidad Politecnica de Madrid

All Areas - Open for All Majors
Drexel in England
University of Leeds
University of Sheffield
Drexel in Australia
University of Swinburne
University of Sydney
Drexel in Chile*
Pontificia Universidad Católica
Drexel in Ireland
National University of Ireland, Galway
University College Cork
Drexel in Turkey
Sabanci University
Koc University
Bilkent University
Drexel in Israel*
Ben Gurion University
Drexel in Scotland
Edinburgh Napier University
Drexel in Hong Kong
University of Hong Kong
City University of Hong Kong
Drexel in Singapore
Nanyang Technological University
Drexel in Korea*
Seoul National University
Hanyang University
Drexel in Germany*
University of Mannheim
Universities of Applied Sciences (UAS7)
* Language Requirement
Click on the area of study to view programs
Media Art and Design
Drexel in Ireland
Galway: Film/video
Drexel in Australia
Swinburne: D&M, Film/video
Drexel in Scotland
Edinburgh Napier: EAM
Drexel in England
Aston Business School
Drexel in Hong Kong

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Drexel in France*
École Supérieure du Commerce Extérieur
Drexel in Spain*
Universidad de Navarra
Drexel in China
Shanghai Jiaotong University

All Areas (Summer)
Drexel in Hong Kong
: Hong Kong University of
Science and Technology
Drexel in Korea
: Hanyang University
Why Should I Study Abroad?
Thanks for completing the Study Abroad 101!

Please email
and let us know you finished the session!
Future Employment
Studying Abroad is a great
Experience abroad provides interesting talking points in interviews and increases your

Fact - Employers are looking for students who:
Stand out from the crowd
Are independent thinkers
Are able to take initiative
Work with people from all over the world
Are resourceful and flexible

Going abroad is the best way to
prove to employers
that you embody those traits!
Personal Growth
Living Abroad can give you
new perspective
about yourself and your capabilities
Students often become more
, flexible,
, open minded, inspired and culturally competent
Going abroad will
open your eyes
to new people and cultures - maybe even a new language!
Academic Perspectives
Studying abroad allows you to learn your
academic field
from a whole new perspective
Meeting other people in your field will grow your personal, academic and professional
Learning a new language can be easier through
full immersion
in the language and culture
"My advice is don’t be afraid of a challenge. If you want to be there, they’ll make sure you have a great experience. Plus, study abroad actually made me a better student!"
- Ha Pham, Chemical Engineering
HKUST, Hong Kong
Koc University, Turkey
"Why go abroad? Because it's the best thing you could ever do for yourself. The people you meet, the places you go, and the memories you make will stay with you for a lifetime."
- Rebecca Olsho, IAS
Pontificia Universidad Católica, Chile
Winter Break in Guatemala
Hospitality and Sport Management
Drexel in Rome: American University of Rome
Available Fall term
Italian 101 requirement
Check the website for the most up-to-date list!
Check the website for the most up-to-date list!

** Business majors are not limited to these programs only. Please check the "All Areas" list as well.
** IAS majors are not limited to these programs only. Please check the "All Areas" list as well.
** Business majors are not limited to these programs only. Please check the "All Areas" list as well.
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