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Week Five: Discipleship Tools

No description

Gene Maynard

on 11 July 2018

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Transcript of Week Five: Discipleship Tools

MBS582 Discipleship Tools
A Pretend Final Exam: Part 2
take a 10 minute break
three reasons
Six 3D Examples
Dr. Gene Maynard
July 9, 2018
The outcome of discipleship is useful and interesting information about God
God's primary interest is getting you to heaven after you die
Discipleship is not essential
for ministry
Let's Review
Our approach to...

spirituality is Jesus-centric

ministry is Jesus-centric

life is Jesus-centric
Jesus is full of life and health
Spiritual practices open the door to the same interior life as Jesus
Discipleship is...
coming more and more under influence of Jesus in life and ministry
learning to do life and ministry "with" Jesus instead of "for" Jesus
State of pastoral health in American church is at a low ebb
If "as the leader goes so goes the church" is true, what is state of church in America?
But Jesus is full of life and health. What does this tell you about the pastor's relationship with Jesus?
Jesus seems able to transform
all who are open to Him
But there is evidence that points out LACK OF TRANSFORMATION among Christians, pastors and churches.
How can this be?
What conclusions must we draw?

soteriology = salvation
Salvation is not merely about entering into eternity sometime in the future. Salvation is about eternity entering us RIGHT NOW
Missional = overarching purpose of God
Interior, spiritual practices are God's way of restoring our shattered human nature to the "very good" state of original creation
transformation = liberation
The purpose of the internal, spiritual practices is liberation from our stifling slavery to self-interest and fear.
St. Antony
3rd Century
St. Augustine
5th Century
St Francis,
13th century
Frank Laubach
2oth century
When it comes to spirituality, our model is not guru spirituality, eastern spirituality, trendy spirituality, etc.
When it comes to ministry, our model is neither business nor politics
When it comes to life our model is not the life patterns of our host culture
A Pretend Final Exam: Part 1
Discipleship is...
write your best definition on whiteboard: 120 total letters
Discipleship and Church
If there is no transformative discipleship the so-called church is not the CHURCH of Jesus
Discipleship and Pastors
discipleship is especially for pastors
Discipleship GUARANTEES ministry SUCCESS
What practices are you choosing? Why?
How are you going to practice them?
What new
Divine Conspiracy
Dallas Willard with John Ortberg
Lab Report #2 Due Today!
Last Lab Due Next Week
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