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Why People Should Own Exotic Animals

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Caleb Kunz

on 13 January 2015

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Transcript of Why People Should Own Exotic Animals

What you can take away from this is that owning exotic animals might not be such a bad thing after all.
Why people should own these types of pets
I believe people should be allowed to own exotic pets. One example is that many people are capable of taking care of them. Also in Ohio that was the actions on one man named Terry Thompson, also he was deranged also my last example is that "only 3.25 people per year are killed."
Counter argument
However even if it may take awhile they can still be tamed. Also even if they are dangerous and could be harmful they only kill 3.25 people per year.
What I would own
Why People Should Be Allowed To Own Exotic Animals
By:Caleb Kunz

More in depth reasons
Reason number one: The reason why most people are capable of taking care of them is because many people are responsible.
Some people could argue that exotic animals are dangerous and untamable. Also many people claim that they kill many people in a year.
If I could own any exotic animal I would own a fruit bat. Some of the things you would need to take care of it are a wide variety of fruits. Also a cage, but it still has room to fly around. Also it needs more bats so it does not feel alone.
The pros to people owning exotic animals are because they are out of the usual can give many people new experiences. Also it could give people more responsibility.
Reason number two: Terry Thompson was one person, and he was also a psycho, and he killed himself after letting all of his animals free throughout the city.
Reason number three is that on average exotic animals only kill about 3.25 people per year.
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