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Harrisonburg-Rockingham County Free Clinic

No description

Courtney Rauch

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Harrisonburg-Rockingham County Free Clinic

History Goals & Objectives Survey Research Revisiting Goals and Objectives Harrisonburg-Rockingham County
Free Clinic Elaine Bussjaeger
Ryan Durham
Jen Kleinhenz
Courtney Rauch
Caitlin Romig Implementation TEAM Analysis Final Recommendations Administered an 11 question survey
Foreign Language & Health Sciences students; Members of the Community in the Medical/Pharmacy field
Assessed the awareness of the Free Clinic and its volunteer program
Free Clinic Visit Wednesday, March 31st, 2010
Interviewed 8 patients & 1 Volunteer
Captured candid photos of volunteers
Patient Interviews & Article 7 Interview Questions
Interviewed 8 patients & 1 Volunteer
Took detailed notes
500 word feature story
Serving the Harrisonburg and Rockingham counties since 1991
Guided by a volunteer Board of Directors and operates primarily with volunteers
Medical Care Clinics held Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday: serve patients with complex health problems and acute medical needs
Fills the gap for non-emergency outpatient health services
Provides $5.50 worth of direct health care services for every one dollar expended
85% of the clinic’s funding is gained locally: individuals, businesses, foundations, special events, etc.
Mission Statement: To partner with uninsured residents for improved health and life-style change.
Guiding Practices
Quality outpatient health services
Extensive referral network
Treatment with dignity and respect
Services provided by qualified volunteers and staff
Patient & Volunteer Newsletter Twitter Page & Blog Flyer Brochure Internal product redevelopment
Only media allowed to utilize was a table tent
Client extremely happy with products, Twitter and blog In our first meeting, we came prepared with questions for the needs of the clinic. We researched through their website as well as hand outs they had in their main lobby. We asked about the current staff, the types of media they employed, what some products they use, and some ideas they had for a campaign. After talking over many topics, it seemed clear the need for new, long-term volunteers, specifically professionals as opposed to JMU students.
First Meeting We would like to have raised awareness among the Harrisonburg, Rockingham and JMU communities of the Harrisonburg-Rockingham Free Clinic’s need for long-term, specialized volunteers in the nursing, social work, pharmacy and Russian and Spanish language translators.
As a TEAM, we will create a brochure, flyer, patient feature story, Twitter Account, Blog and uniform and recognizable newsletters for patients and volunteers.
We will present the free clinic with an electronic file containing all of the products we have created for them at the completion of this campaign.

Target Audiences Our main focus will be on professionals in the Harrisonburg Community, specifically pharmacists, doctors, nurses and translators.
Our second focus will be JMU students, specifically freshmen and sophomores who can dedicate more than one semester to the clinic, with nursing, social work, foreign language, or pre-med major.
New formats
Introduced new media
Understanding of PR campaign
Uniform display
- Brochure, flyer and newsletter
Organized campaigns
Reach out to local media
Set realistic/achievable goals
- Open dialogue with entire staff
- Time constraints
- Media hesitations
Electronic copies for use
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