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What is Justic Approach?

No description

pookie Queen

on 28 October 2014

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Transcript of What is Justic Approach?

Four Approaches towards managerial ethics and strategies to maintain an ethical organizational climate
Strategies to maintain an ethical organization climate
Information Transparency

Taking Corporate Social Responsibility

Participation and Community Development
Individualism Approach
Introduction : 4 major approaches to managerial ethics
Body: What is individualism approach?
Why use individualism approach?( advantages)
Why not use individualism approach?(disadvantages)
How is individualism compared to other approaches?
What is Justic Approach?
Standards of equity and impartially
Distributive Justice
a perception of inequality
Example: Salaries between workers
Four Types of Justice Approach
Procedural Justice
the idea of fairness

Managers in the workplace should make decision fairly and legitimately
Four Types of Justice Approach
Compensatory Justice
an organization compensates a party who they have injured for the suffering caused

case between the lawyer and defendant
Four Types of Justice Approach

Retributive Justice
primarily concerned with punishment

criminals being punished in various ways by different systems
Four Types of Justice Approach
Treat everyone in the workplace equally without having favoritism.

Avoid having inequity between each and every workers.

Treat others with the utmost of respect. Regardless of differences, positions, titles, ages, or other types of distinctions, always treat others with professional respect and courtesy.

Why is Nike so successful?

send message to public that their shoes are for everyone regarding their
Sexual preference
Four Types of Justice Approach
NIKE employees benefits
Health coverage
Fitness center membership
Retirement savings
Time off
Additional benefit plans
Organizational Example of Justice Approach
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Reference List
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Disregard the rights of minority

Under estimate the negative cost which resulting cost of production

Avoiding care on individual rights over the limitation which could contain huge effects on managerial role. ( lack of respect)

Treat their employees fairly. Be justified.

Earn respects form other employees.

Sacramento State. "UTILITARIANISM." Accessed September 19, 2013. http://www.csus.edu/indiv/g/gaskilld/ethics/utilitarianism%20notes.htm.
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Able to earn profits for the company.

Attracting the new customer.

Knowledge of keeping premier customer.

Possibility of weighing potential risks.

Interacting with the customers.

Boxing Match: risk damage to their property from attendees or a high level of noise during the activity
there might be a risk of injury to some of the players participating, though they would have to sign waivers that they are assuming the responsibility for any injury

How does Heineken beer company react on their social responsibility?

Launched in 2010 'Brewing a Better Future' is HEINEKEN's long-term sustainability ambition for 2020.
by 2020 a reduction of specific direct and indirect CO2 emissions in breweries by at least 40% and a reduction in specific water consumption by at least 25%
to expand to €20 million the funding for the Heineken Africa Foundation
to expand the local sourcing of raw materials in Africa to 60% by 2020
the continuous reduction of our CO2 footprint of our brands

Utilitarian approaches example
An utilitarian manager would look at the possible choices for taking a certain action in light of the results of doing one thing versus another.

Visioning on the result.

What is Utilitarian Approach?
Utilitarianism focuses on the results of an action rather than the motive behind the action.
Also, Utilitarianism is an ethical philosophy where one’s lack of complete knowledge makes it impossible to ever know if one’s actions are moral.

Why NOT use individualism approach?
Mack, Stan. "Individualism and Ethical Decision Making | Chron.com." Small Business - Chron.com. Last modified 2013. http://smallbusiness.chron.com/individualism-ethical-decision-making-56240.html.
4 Approaches to managerial ethics
Acts are moral when they promote the individual’s best long-term interests, which ultimately leads to greater good.

What is individualism approach?
Short Term Long Term
Why use individualism approach?
What is a moral right?
6 moral rights should be considered during decision making
Ethics - Study of morality

Depend - World views, descriptive values and moral values

Organization Climate -
Practices, Policies and Procedures, there are expected, encouraged and rewarded with regard to something
Information Transparency
When all relevant information is freely and available public

Example: Johnson & Johnson Company
Taking Corporate Social Responsibility
How companies manage the business processes to produce an overall positive impact on society

Example: Tyson Food Company
Participation and Community Development
Definition of Participation
A vehicle to achieve to development that community members can involved directly in development process

Definition of Community Development
A broad term given to the practices of civic activists, involved citizens and professionals to build stronger and more resilient local communities
How to improve the Organization's Ethical Climate
Behave ethically yourself

Screen potential employees

Develop a meaning full code of ethics

Provide ethics training

Reinforce ethical training

Create positions, units and other structural mechanisms to deal with ethics







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