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Life Story Project for Oral Communication

Nathaniel Washington

on 25 January 2012

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Transcript of oral_comm_life_story

my life story nathaniel washington hobbies VIOLIN PIANO GOLF SWIMMING Started in the 3rd Grade First GOlf Camp1st Grade Joined Swim Team in 3rd Grade Started lessons in 5th Grade Karate started in 2nd Grade, but quit soon after Early Years Attended Indian Ridge Elementary Attended Campus Middle School Joined Boy Scouts for a single year Became an Uncle Got stiches after falling on a rock Joined first Orchestra began to learn Spanish Nominated for CO Music Ambassadors Going to Europe this summer to perform six countries two weeks Freshmen Year decisions, decisions... Regis Jesuit
Cherry Creek
Smoky Hill new Experience,
first catholic/private school Transition from Jr. High to High School Homecoming <-- First Real School Dance Family Born: 1 Jan. 1995 TWINS Stitches - age 2 First Trip to Disney World - age 5 First trip to Canada - age 2 Starting to Ski - age 4 The Future Earliest MEmories Denver, Colorado My Family Twin sister - Natalie
Older Sister - Keisha
older brother - Michael
Mom - Johanne
Dad - David
Grandmother - Louisa
Grandfater - Edgar Mom Older Sister Twin Sis DAd Older Brother Grandmother Grandfather Mom's Side Street Performers in Quebec Royal CAnadian Guard road trip to canada 2008 Aunt Mimi Changed violin teachers Arizona Golf Trip Trip to Orlando Visit Family in Chicago w/o parents First and last time camping Fishing in Canada - Manatok Lodge: Grumpy Uncle
Gassy Cousin
Bee infested Cabin
rainy and cold! Started violin lessons Fishing have participated multiple times, but not recently Tenis tried out for the team while learning how to play at the same time <--- I didn't make the cut But I still play for fun! Unimportant... Lives in Quebec Jazz festival in winter park Violin Camp Road trip to canada ROad trip to chicago - visit family (dad's side) my grandmother passed away. $$$ far away... IB program ? Started piano lessons Vacations Chicago, Illinois Aunt Val Lima Bean Sculptuure Aunt Gail Orange Tree Golf Resort Niagra Falls What I hope for in the days to come... What I want to Achieve while Attending Regis Jesuit High School Maintain at least 3.5g.p.a. Become fluent in Spanish Make Life-Long Friends Get my First Job Buy my first Car College Scholarship The Canadian Side... The end... for now Two years worth MY Dad GOALS My Sister My Mom ME Dream Job - writer
Where I want to live - somewhere cold
What I want to study in school - English, world history
What I want to achieve - P.H.D, ?
Family - ?
How I want to die / when / where - Of old age when I'm sleeping 80+
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