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Possibilities of Events

No description

Mika Niskanen

on 7 September 2015

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Transcript of Possibilities of Events

Events has broad effects on public and private business
- organizations that organize
- performers
- producers of additional services
- sponsors
- business partners
Possibilities of Events
Facilitators of Events
- planning
- sponsor
- partner
Municipalities and States of Events
- tourism companies
- commerce
- field of manufacture
- primary production

-> for money-, service- and products flow could benefit the best way, events require networking and chain effects
Events as money generators
Events' economic result has to be separated from regional effects of events
- Event based costs has to be covered by money from customers, sponsors or other means
- Regional benefits comes from salaries, shoppings adn such
Event as supporting regional development
- If events are involved with international organizing federations, more effects
- More local services are involved in production of events, more regional effects

e.g international seminars
- local buses / taxes - flight/train - buses/ taxis - hotel - restaurants - different side programs- local supermarket

Regional effects of events

- More international guests, more effect
- More multiday events, more effects

Fullfilling effects of events
- organizing events that visits to side-events become possible
- business connections
With positive effects event may have also negative effects
- competition between events
- other events may have booked all the hotels
- some events maybe forced to transfer to other venues
If there are positive effects, there may also be negative effects

- Competition between events
- Timetables of events
- Availability of accommodation
- Cost of land / facilities goes up
- Events may be forced to transfer their event to other location
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