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Midwest Landmarks

Learn about the Cultural and Physical landmarks of the Midwest United States.

David B

on 19 May 2010

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Transcript of Midwest Landmarks

Midwest Landmarks Michigan Illinois Ohio South Dakota Missouri Nebraska Minnesota Indiana North Dakota Iowa Wisconsin CL; Mall of America that was built in August 11, 1992. This repersent all the malls in Minnesota. PL; A physical landmark that was founded in May, 1975. Upper Red Lake Peatland is the largest lake in Minnesota CL; Indiana State House is cultral landmark that was originaly built in 1888. There are 4 wings that make up the house PL; Dunes Nature sate Park. A physical landmark that was founded for people to visit. It was founded in 1923 by lucey pitcher Kansas PL; Rock City Park was found in 1901. It is an Physical landmark. People visit it daily. Kansas State Capital is an cultural landmark that was built in 1879. This building repersents the famous building as a capital. CL,fort union trading post national
historic site, this is the most important for trading post on the upper
missuri in 1867. Visitors Included John
pl,fischer lake. is a lake in North Dakota
CL,iowa state capitol the capital was constructed between 1871 and 1886.It is the only 5-domed state capital in the country. The main dome of capital is gilded in tissue paper thin sheets pf pure 23. karek gold and is 275 feet tall.
pl, Anderson goose, lake name of hamtolton country iowa. Its a waterfawl habitat. It is a national natural land mark desighnation 1975 cL, Black holocaust museum the museum
is memorial dedicated speccialy to the victems
of the enslavment of afticgang in usa.
pl,kickapoo river a tributary of wisconson river is the staet of wisconson it was named by idians who
occupied wisconson before the influx of white settlers in the early centery.
CL: Mt. Rushmore. This landmark was carved out of a mountain side. It has the faces of Presidents Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt, and Lincoln. PL: Bear Butte was established as a National Park in 1961. It was important to Plains Indians long before European came to South Dakota. CL: Great Plains Black History Museum was founded in 1962, but was actually opened in 1976. It was closed in 2001, but The University of Nebraska is working to reopen it. PL: Nebraska Sand Hills ar the highest point in the Great Plains. 85% of these hills are unplowed fields. CL: Lemp Mansion is a 33-room house that was built in 1868. It is said to be haunted by several ghosts of William J. Lemp's family members PL: Marvel Cave is located in Branson, Missouri on top of Roark Mountain. It was first found by Osage indians when someone fell into the cave through a sinkhole.
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