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anna mattel

on 11 May 2015

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Transcript of africa

By Emily Ceculski & Anna Mattel
1. What is the name, location, and purpose of your business and in what country are you located?
Helping hands of Sudan, Sudan, purpose to stop air pollution from biomass fuels.
2. How will the location of your business help your country economically and environmentally?
location is at villages tree/jungle land near villages. It will help the environment because we will provide an alternative way of making energy econ because if they stop getting sick from the pollution, they will be able to work more.
3. How will you utilize the natural resources in your country to support your business?
we will gather trees and plant them where there are no trees so there will be clean air.
4. How will the laws of the country impact your business?
They are going to help because the department of environmental health started working on air pollution laws in 2014.
5. What influence will environmental issues have on the development of your business?
It will make our business strong because it is a big problem in Sudan.
6. What capital goods will you utilize to create and sustain your business?
We will try to get greenhouses ,and we will use computers to broadcast to stop air-pollution.
7. How will you utilize human capital in creating and sustaining your business?
we will make sure our people are highly train to fix Sudan air pollution.
8. How will you modify your business to address the factors that may prevent international trade from occurring?
we will making known for every to know about our country so we may trade with other countries/bussiness. We will sent out commercial around the world.
9. What is the impact of water pollution and the unequal distribution of water on irrigation, trade, industry, and drinking water on your country?
it really impacts our country because our country is going through a civil war and they need these resources to live.
10. What is the impact of desertification on the environment of Africa from the Sahel to the rainforest?
the desert is getting larger every year and it impacts the people living because they are losing water.
11. How do the Sahara, Sahel, savanna, and tropical rain forest influence where people live, the type of work they do, and how they travel in Africa?
IT influence them by they need for living. For example if you lived in Sahara you would look for water instead of doing their job.
12. What are the similarities and differences of the economic systems in South Africa and Nigeria?

13. How does specialization encourage trade between countries?
It encourage the countries to become friends and trade with each other.
14. How do tariffs, quotas, and embargo serve as barriers to trade?
Tariffs are tax on imports. Quotas are limited on imports into a country.
15. Why does international trade require a system for exchanging currencies between nations?
Because if they didn’t they could not trade and would not make profit.
16. What is the relationship between investment in human capital (education and training) and gross domestic product (GDP)?
Investing in human capital will help the economy grow and make the GDP go up faster.
17. What is the relationship between investment in capital (factories, machinery, and technology) and GDP?
If you invest in capital your GDP will go up because you are making more money.
18. How does the distribution of diamonds, gold, uranium, and oil shape the economies of Africa?
It gives them money to improve the economy
19. What is the role of entrepreneurship in Africa?
to build business in Africa and get wealth

* Fisch, B. (2010). Evaluating organizational quality through narrative: A case for accreditation using the school portfolio, International Journal of Leadership in Education, 13 (4), 455-487.

works cited page
Vision Framework
Beliefs- that Sudan has air pollution from biomass fuels
Purpose- is too clean up air pollution
Mission- Our mission is too plant trees and reduce car pollution for clean air.
Vision- To one day that air pollution will be reduce and Sudan will be a healthy place to go.

together we need to find an alternative to biomass !!!!!!!!
GDP in sudan
THE END!!!!!!


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