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Water Crisis In Sudan

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Joel Pilkington

on 31 May 2015

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Transcript of Water Crisis In Sudan

The effects of the water crisis
The Effects of the water crisis
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Effects on the environment
Who is Helping with the Water Crisis?
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Effects on people:

Lots of people from all over the world are going to help in Sudan. Some of them might be christens, some of them will not. Some might be doing their job, some might be doing it just to help. They are helping by setting up clean water taps, wells and even toilets. There are also people who are not going to Sudan, but are staying where they are. They still help, but not in a physical way. They are donating money to help build those buildings in Sudan.
Graph about Sudan's rainfall
Where is Sudan
How big is the crisis?
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Sudan is on the east side of Africa in the Sahara Desert, which is one the biggest desert in the world. That is part of the reason why they are in a water crisis.
Water Crisis In Sudan
The water crisis in Sudan is not as bad as south Sudan, but they are still having problems in certain areas. In northern Sudan, the water is a lot more under control than in southern Sudan (not south Sudan). This Diagram shows what areas are having more problems.

people are dying because they do not have fresh drinking water. they usually die from dehydration or of poor water quality. it also effects their farms because all farms need water and the farmers animals and crops will die. the farms provide food for the people, then they might also die from starvation. About 4,000 children die per day because they have not build up their immune system so they get very ill from the filth in the water and the lack of water.
The environment is effected by the lack of water because everyone knows that plants need water to live, just like humans. If the plants are dying, then the native wildlife have nowhere to live and no food. This drives the animals away from their habitat where they might not have the things they need to survive
Sudan's water crisis isn't as bad as South Sudan, but it still needs more people to go over and help. The environment in Sudan is being greatly effected, and so are the people of Sudan. Thousands of people are dying per day all because they do not have enough water yet alone clean water.
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