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Does Weight Affect Speed?

No description

Diamond H.

on 26 February 2014

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Transcript of Does Weight Affect Speed?

Stated Problem and Hypothesis
I am trying to find out if the weight of an object affects the speed of that object. I think that if the weight of an object increases then that object will go slower.
When I put the weights in the front of the car the toy car only went halfway down the ramp and then it completely stopped. I found out it stopped because the the weights were blocking the wheels. I had to adjust the weights. The wheels were clear and the toy car never stopped again. The other two sets of trials with putting the weights in the front and back and then just the back, I never had problems with.
The range of weight during my trials was 96-210 grams. My hypothesis was incorrect because the toy car went the fastest with the middle amount weight which was 153-168 grams. Also the toy car went the fastest when the weights were put in the back of the car. The toy car went the slowest with the weights put in the front of the car.
Does Weight Affect Speed?
This is the ramp and raceway I set up.
This is the toy car I used.
By: Diamond Holmes
Material List
- Cardboard Box
- 3 Plywood Boards
- Metric Scale
- Toy Car
- Stopwatch
- 8 Sticky Weight Strips
1. Use a cardboard box to make a ramp and use the 3 plywood boards to make a raceway. Make a stopping point on the raceway for the car to stop at.
2. Weigh your toy car on your metric scale.
3. Get your stopwatch ready and put your toy car on top of the ramp.
4. Let the car go down (don't push it) then start your stopwatch
5. When the car gets to the stopping point stop your stopwatch.
6. Record your results.
7. Repeat steps 3-6 so you have 5 trials.
8. Add a strip of weight to the car.
9. Repeat steps 2-8 until you have no more weights left.
10. If you want to do more trials you can put the weight strips in different places. For example, the front or the back.
Any Questions?
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