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Women Are Better Driver Than Men. Because Women Are More Saf

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Hicran Çalışkan

on 16 December 2014

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Transcript of Women Are Better Driver Than Men. Because Women Are More Saf

D-Men feel like that they have ''own the road''.
According to a New York City traffic study in 2007, a participant is quoted regarding the tendency of men to feel like they “own the road.”
Many of the aggressive behaviors that men exhibit while behind the wheel could very well stem from their belief that the road is “theirs.” In turn, disregard for other drivers results in higher numbers of accidents and fatalities.
E- Men take more risks.
F- Men are more likely to drink and drive.
The NYC traffic study touches upon the fact that men are more likely to take drugs and drink before getting behind the wheel.
A huge amount of evidence exists, such as the Michigan Drunk Driving Audit, to support the fact that men are much more likely to be arrested and convicted of DUIs than women.
The fact that women are more reluctant to drive while impaired reinforces the concept that they are safer, more conscientious drivers than men.
A- Woman have fewer accidents.
Motoring organisation,Wunelli found that women drivers are 28% less likely to drive at night than men – a time when the risk of serious accidents increases. They also found that women were 12% less likely to exceed the speed limit than men and 11% less likely to brake hard, supporting the idea that women are better drivers than men.
According to Quality Planning* (an insurance statistics company), their study shows that male drivers are significantly more likely to cause accidents than female drivers are.
C- Women have longer Attention Spans partially due to Estrogen.
The University of Bradford study suggests that estrogen tends to give women much longer attention spans than men. Despite the popular stereotype of female drivers who apply makeup and perform other frivolous tasks behind the wheel, it is clear that women tend to be able to focus more carefully on important matters. When it comes to driving, this tendency gives them a distinct advantage over men.

--- Estrogen contributes to those motherly instincts that urge women to protect others – including passengers, pedestrians, and other drivers.
--- Estrogen leads to longer attention spans and the ability to focus on the important things even when distracted.
--- Estrogen gives women a better ability to not only learn the rules but to obey them.
1- They are safer.
. Women
have fewer accidents.
are more likely to wear seat belts.

2- They are careful.
have longer attention spans, partially due to estrogen.
take more risks.

3- They are more responsible than men.
feel like they ''own the road''.
are more likely to drink and drive.
Women Are Safer Drivers Than Men.
Made by Hicran ÇALIŞKAN
Study by UK Driving Standards Agency:
Do you really think that women are worse than men at driving?
B- Women are more likely to wear seat belts.
Several studies, including the one from SADD* (Students Against Drunk Driving) notes that about 12.5% of male students admit to rarely or never using seat belts. That’s compared with about 7.8% of female students. Having the wherewithal to use a seat belt is a clear demonstration that a driver takes safety on the road seriously. Most would agree that safety on the road is a clear indication of skill behind the wheel.
The Jennings Motor Group
compiled data from various sources to suggest that women are more skilled at the wheel.

It found that 57 per cent of male drivers have been involved in a crash, compared to 44 per cent of women and 68 per cent of UK women have a clean driving licence, against 64 per cent of men.
In AAA ( American Automobile Association ) studies, men as a whole display less cautious behavior than women, such as driving at higher speeds and closer to other cars and driving while intoxicated more often. They even make riskier turns and take less time when parking.
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According to the traffic accidents-2007 statistics of Turkey Statistical Institute, there were 133,778 drivers whom took part in injured-died traffic accidents. From that drivers, 95% men and only 5% women.
Saudi Arabia considers lifting ban on women drivers.
The council in Saudi Arabia placed heavy restrictions on interactions between female drivers and male traffic officers or other male drivers, and stiff penalties for those who broke them. Merely speaking to a female driver, it said, was punishable by a one-month prison sentence and a fine.
While there is no specific law to prevent women from driving in Saudi Arabia, women cannot apply for driver licences and they are arrested if found behind the wheel.
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