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Juvenis Fontis

No description

Audrey Hope

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Juvenis Fontis

Juvenis Fontis One sip has you backtracking to the favourite year of you life!! Having problems with old age? Creaking and aching joints?
Wrinkles getting out of hand?
Deteriorating health and memory? Juvenis Fontis can help! Regret something in your past?
Make a mistake that was better not made?
Wish you wore a better dress to prom?
Got sick on an important day? Take Juvenis Fontis and relive the younger years! This is you now: This is you after two drops of Juvenis Fontis: See a difference? I thought so. Two drops of Juvenis Fontis returns you to your youthful and healthful self! Side effects and disclaimers:
May return you to infancy
Memory loss may occur
May actually increase aging speed
1/5 people OD from Juvenis Fontis
1/3 of those who OD die So if you made too many mistakes, regret not doing something,
if your aching and your back is breaking take Juvenis Fontis
and bounce back to the yester-years of youthful abandon! Users express satifaction with product. One says "it tastes wonderful and I can't believe how much younger I look and feel! I got the chance to do what I've always wanted to!"

Another commented "An ingeneous product! I'm so glad I got to go to college and get a better paying job! Not to mention the attention I got this time 'round!"
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