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Navigating your way out of the STAAR forest

No description

Jennifer Johnston

on 30 March 2016

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Transcript of Navigating your way out of the STAAR forest

Navigating your way out of the STAAR forest
Multiple Choice
Revising and Editing
Several passages totaling 28 questions
6 field test questions
22 count toward your score
Reading Comprehension
Several passages totaling 35 questions
Possible fiction, nonfiction, poetry and/or drama selections
7 field test questions
28 count toward your score
Short Answer
3 Short Answers
2 count toward your score
1 field test
Either 1 single selection and 2 cross-over OR 2 single selection and 1 crossover
You don't get to know which one does not count
Only ONE Essay!

The essay is PERSUASIVE and you MUST take a position on the issue of the prompt.

Being Wishy-Washy gets you a 1
0-4 Score by two different readers = possible 8 points

This is multiplied by 3 = total of 24 points
1 point per question = 50 points
0-3 score for each answer, one reader
Each score multiplied by 3 = 18 points total
Score Calculation
Reading Multiple Choice 28 points total 30% of total score

Short Answers 18 points total 20% of total score

Revising and Editing
Multiple Choice 22 points total 24% of total score

Essay 24 points total 26% of total score
92 total points possible
What does this mean for you?
Super secret TEA Scaled Score levels (not available until after you take the test)
Level II = Passing Standard (49 points as of Dec. 2015)
Level III = Commended Standard (77 points as of Dec. 2015)
What if I score Level I?
Mandatory Summer School in June
Retest STAAR in July
Possible placement in remediation class 1st semester next year instead of elective
Testing Strategies
Remember, you can use a Dictionary throughout the test. Ask when you need it. You are also allowed scratch paper. Ask for this if not offered to you. Ask for more if you need it.

1. Write the essay rough draft first while your mind is fresh and not tired
Since most students say essays are the most difficult to write when tired and don't feel essay writing is a strength, writing this first makes sense.
Plus, it gets it out of the way and you don't have to stress about the essay.

2. Read the Short Answer questions and make notes on what they ask on your scratch paper.

3. Read the passages, highlighting and making notes as you do

4. Answer the Reading Multiple Choice

5. Answer the Short Answer questions fully

6. Answer the Revising and Editing Multiple Choice

7. Turning in everything: Go back to the essay. Re-read your rough draft to proof and make sure it is what you want. Write your final draft of the essay.
I know you will be tired of testing, but think about when you revised your original benchmark essays. How many of you couldn't believe you wrote what you wrote?
Time Limit and Other Info.
5 Hour time limit once you begin the test
after instructions are read

When's lunch?
2:30 (if your test begins at 9:30, so be on time)

A snack and a bottle of water are provided for you
You may bring your own snack and water, but don't get stuff on scantron or test book (stay away from Cheetos)

What can you do when you are finished?
If others are still taking the test, you can sleep or read a book or magazine (a physical one, not a Kindle/Nook/whatever)
If the room is done testing, you can work on school work WITHOUT your computer or cell phone.

Remember to ask for paper to brainstorm and write rough drafts on during the test.

Proof Read before moving on!
Topic Sentence (do not repeat the question or give plot in your topic sentence - needs inference, abstract answer)
Evidence (needs significant piece of EMBEDDED evidence - more than five words)
Analysis (how does the evidence support the topic sentence and why is the answer significant to the selection)
IMPORTANT: do not use the plot to answer the question
IMPORTANT 2: do not repeat yourself or the evidence in your analysis discussion
Short Answer Reminders
Persuasive Essay Reminders
2 sentence introduction that has an attention getting sentence and a strong thesis
Thesis must take a position on the prompt
Two well-developed body paragraphs
Topic sentences that connect to the thesis
One example per paragraph to persuade
figurative/expressive language that shows the examples to the reader
Discuss how the example connects to society and the thesis
ONE personal anecdote needed
ONE counterargument needed
Use various rhetorical appeals to persuade
One to two sentence conclusion
What to Bring:
Your brain turned on and ready to think
Two pencils
Good Eraser
Book or Magazine to read when you are done

What to Review:
Literature Terms
Tone, Theme, Figurative Language, Symbol
Character Trait Sheet
typically at least one SA is about character
Grammar Rules
comma use, semi-colon use, Subject/Verb agreement, Pronoun Agreement, Sentence Types
Things to Review and More Info.
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