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How does electricity flow

Kashief McMillan

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Electricity

Electricity Car electricity
Motor electricity
Oven electricity
Lamp electricity
Tv electricity
Radio electricity
Drill electricity
Phone electricity
Iron electricity
flashlight electricity Lights Out Survival
Kashief McMillan
April 22 2010

How did you see with no electricity? For example if I didn't have any electricity would get wood from outside to make fire in my house in my house. Another example is if the electricity went out I could use a flashlight. Also I would use a lighter if I have electricity.

How would you survive without electricity? For example if the light in the refrigerator out I could make sandwitches with a flashlight. In addition I could eat dounuts or candy because you dont have to use electricity to make it. Additionally if there was you could make marsmellows in the fireplace if there was no electricity.

What would you do with out electricity? What I would do if I didn't have any electricity is tell stories to my mom in`front of the fireplace. Second I would play board games in the fireplace with my mom. Finally I would read a book with a flashlight.

What would you do without electricity. How can you see without electricity. How would you survive without electricity.What would you do without electricity When you are in your house never use lectricity that you have in you house all at the same time because you can have a power outage.

Never put alot of plugs in the same socket because you can shock your self if you have your hands on the plugs.

Never put your fingers or water in a socket because you can kill your self.

When dealing with electricity dont put the proper extension in your sockett because you can cause a fire in your house if it gets too bad.

Dont leave space heaters or things like that on if you're leaving out your house because that can also cause a fire.

If the power in your house goes out make sure you have a flashlight so you can see.
Electrictfying Notes

Electricity cannot flow without a current.
Electricity flows around a circuit in one direction.
There can only be a current if the circuit is connected with a material that conducts electricity.
Matals are good conductors.circuit wires aurnre usally made of copper.
If you remove the battery from the circuit the bulb goes off.
With no battery there is no source of electricity and the circuit is broken.The electricity stops flowing and there is no current in the circuit.The bulb goes off.
The bulb alows us to see whether the circuit is correctly connected. If it isn't the bulb goes off.The electricity cannot flow around the circuit from '+' to '-'.
A switch allows us to turn tcuithe electricity in a cir on or off, to save energy.A switch is just a connection in the circuit that can be easily open or closed.
Circuits can contain other electrical devices.
A fan needs a motor.
A door bell uses a buzzer and a switch together.

wirebattery Wirebattery

Wire buzzer



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