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Discuss The Advantages and Disadvantages of Skyscrapers

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Ivan Yu

on 28 April 2013

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Transcript of Discuss The Advantages and Disadvantages of Skyscrapers

90 days 838m Discuss the
advantages and disadvantages
of skyscrapers What kind of building can be called "skyscraper" +1/104,000,000 seconds The higher the location, time flies faster. The higher you live, the faster turn old. American Chinese scientist Zhou Qinwen and his team

Ultra precision atomic clock

Theory of relativity 1, A very tall building that towers above the
other buildings along a city’s skyline.
2, +50 stories
3, Steel framework The first skyscraper Chicago home insurance building 1885 American Chicago 54.9 meters It was the first building to use steel structural in its frame Source:www.thehulltruth.com/dockside-chat/397533-skyscraper-index.html#b Kingdom Tower 2018 +1,000 meters Source:http://www.theatlanticcities.com/design/2011/12/worlds-20-tallest-skyscrapers/775/ 800 stories 4000 meters 1 million people One trillion dollars X-Seed 4000 Should we need to build the building higher and higher? Advantages: 1 . Large capacity

2. Saving land

3. Promote local economic Disadvantages: 1.High cost of investment, construction, maintenance and operation a.Huge investment US$1,500,000,000 1/4 $:200m >100m+100m Source:YUE Shihong, CHEN Shuxian,Journal o f Chengde Petro leum College,Vo.l 9, No. 3, Sep. 2007 -40,000,000 US$/Per year Chicago Sears Tower: Source:YUE Shihong, CHEN Shuxian,Journal o f Chengde Petro leum College,Vo.l 9, No. 3, Sep. 2007 2.Have negative effects on outdoor and indoor environment a.
-Huge pressure of urban
transport,consumption,drinking water.
-Destruction of the natural environment.
-Noise pollution c.Rely on elevator -Poor ventilation b.The environment of indoor: d.cause heat island effect Source: http://healthyurbanhabitat.com.au/urban-heat-islands/ NASA Photographs Highlight Urban Heat Island Problem,by Brit Liggett, 12/15/10 3. Security risks a.The fireproofing problem - The fire spread quickly in high rise building.
- Evacuation difficulty when the fire broke out.
- Poor fire resistance of steel structure system Aerial ladder Poor fire resistance of steel structure system 700 degrees Celsius b. Land subsidence Shang Hai -1.5cm/per year 4. The development of high-rise buildings destroyed
the harmony of the local cultural landscape. Conclusion The top of Empire State Building 102-story -Introduction
-Conclusion 10-floor 1,Do you support the development of the skyscrapers? 2,Do you have any effective strategies to solve the problem of land resources shortage? Discussion Collapse Chimney effect
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