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Vogue City Guide

No description

Adam Burrows

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Vogue City Guide

Vogue Folies
City Guide iPhone App The Brief To create an exciting digital utility to reward
Vogue smokers and celebrate the launch of
the new Vogue Folies range The Solution An iPhone City Guide App reminding our
customers that folies are hidden parts of
the city worth exploring And Vogue Folies has the perfect solution
to help you find those secret Folies In Kiev... Moscow... Bucharest... And Paris. What does the competitive
App landscape look like
? Answer:
Crowded Top 10 Travel Apps Measured by Customer Ratings Popular brand travel names
dominate the list

Top 17 Apps are FREE apps
we know the power of a popular but niche App
which does something great
that nobody else does Importantly Different Types of Apps which behave differently Reviews Category Based Theme Based Search Function Photo Function Sharing Functions 1. The Book-in-an-App City Guide Lonely Planet An extensive book replacement, with
maps, trip planning resources, detailed
location information, historical city
walkthrough and an extensive Map.

Location Based Location Based Search Function Qype and similar apps (e.g. Yelp) have
based their App on the strength of reviews
which customers can contribute as they are present at a particular listed venue.

Theme Based Photo Function Qype Radar Reviews Sharing Functions Category Based 2. Reviews-based App Similar Apps: Wallpaper* City Guides
A great series of apps which consider cities from a design
theme or perspective. Urban Spoon Similar Apps: Photo Function 3. The Search-based App Location Based Search Function Sharing Functions Although strictly not a city guide app, Urban
Spoon successfully navigates users through the
culinary city by giving them an easy-to-use
roulette wheel. Dynamic and thoughful search
platforms are increasingly used by Travel Apps.

Conde Nast Gold List Traveler App
This App allows you to search through some of the world's
most luxury hotels, and you can search by togglinf criteria such as
interest, region and a range of Gold List categories. Theme Based Reviews Category Based Similar Apps: Yelp
An online community of urban city dwellers who help to rate
and review the places that make up the fabric of their city. Reviews Theme Based 4. The Organisation Travel App TripIt Search Function An App which helps you to organise your
irinerary for your trip, remember your flight times
and hotel details - just email TripIt your
confirmation emails and it will make sense of
them so you don't have to.

Similar Apps: Location Based Sharing Functions Photo Function lastminute.com French Phrases App
French phrasebook application - although not strictly a city guide
App in itself, phrase books act as planning tools for the traveler
as they try and speak their way around a new city. Category Based Photo Function Search Function 5. The Theme-based App Adidas Urban Street Guide is a niche theme-based
App for the lover or urban graffiti. You can engage
with the app yourself and add photos of any cool
pieces of street art you see on the Berlin streets -
helping other users to find the secrets in the App.

Category Based Theme Based Sharing Functions Location Based lastminute.com TopSee London Guide
TopSee is a city guide App with a sentiment behind it's content - to
find only the cool and quirky little niches of London for the user to
go forth and explore. Adidas Urban Street Art Guide - Berlin Similar Apps: Reviews Book-in-an-App Search-based Organisation Theme Reviews-Based Wants to Know
Everything Likes a trusted
Pro Travel Writer Extended-usage
of App Spontaneous Likes the
quirky things Appreciates
beautiful imagery Trusts other
like-minded users Likes to
contribute Searches for occasions
(e.g. where for
dinner tonight?) Likes to be
in Control Needs lots of
information Treats the App like
a Travel PA A mixture of spontaneous
knows-what-they-want Loves to see
options Wants to search
by category Search-based Reviews-Based Book-in-an-App Theme Organisation iPhones and 3G are growing in these cities Apple has sold 25 million iPhones worldwide in 2009 Jan-March: 3.8million
April-June: 5.2 million (37% QoQ growth)
July-Sept: 7.4 million (42% QoQ growth)
Oct-Dec: 8.7 million (18% QoQ growth Eastern Europe Eastern Europe (incl. Kiev, Bucharest and Moscow)
now has a 7% share of the total number of 3G
connections in all of Europe, a figure which is
projected to grow to 12% by end of 2010. France Apple's iPhone share of France's smartphone market
has grown to 32% in the latest quarter, compared
to 21% in the last quarter of 2010. Russia 250 thousand iPhones sold so far in Russia,
with Apple modelling for top 3 Russian
carriers to sell 1.8M units by end of 2010. Romania All three of Romania's Top mobile operators
(Orange Romania, Vodafone Romania and Cosmote)
carry plan options for the iPhone The coverage for an iPhone App is there
and it is growing fast
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