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Animal Farm Chapter 1

No description

armen babaian

on 15 April 2015

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Transcript of Animal Farm Chapter 1

Analysis of the Characters to Novel and Russian Rev.
Commentary on Chapter relating to Novel and Russ. Rev.
This chapter includes a background of the farm and its surroundings and also includes a crucial meeting and speech. The chapter introduces the supreme power of the humans and reveals the response of a revolution from the animals. The animals seek to overthrow human and control the farm with the inspiration of their speaker, Old Major. A rebellion is necessary in order to achieve this and it must remain successful for the next group of animals living on the farm.
A revolution may be necessary in order to wipe out barriers and achieve an ultimate goal.

All animals are comrades and are equal

No argument must lead the animals to disagree and to resemble Man

A friendly unity among the animals must exist, all animals must treat each other like brothers in order to reach their intentions.

Rhetorical Effectiveness
Old Major uses theses rhetorical devices in his speech: Rhetorical questions, flashback, imagery, repetition, allusion, and alliteration.
Rhetorical Question:
"In return for your four confinements . . . what have you ever had except your bare rations and a stall?"
Old Major's memory of when his mother used to sing
Beasts of England
to him
"You young porkers . . . will scream your lives out"

"Comrades" and "No animal in England"
Beasts of England
is an allusion to the anthem - The Internationale
"Is it not crystal clear, then, comrades"

All of the animals in Manor Farm gather to listen to Old Major's speech. He tells the animals that he will pass away very soon, and before he does, he wishes to pass on his wisdom to them. He recites a inspirational speech and claims that Man is the reason for their problems and hardships. He brings up several animals and shares their unfair experiences in the farm and blames Man for this. He claims that they must overthrow the humans by provoking a rebellion. Old Major also claims that animals must not come to resemble humans and he states several habits of humans the animals must not engage in. Lastly, he describes the dream he witnessed to the animals and reminds them of a song he heard in the past(
Beasts of England
). He sings to the animals and they all join in to sing together. Their meeting is interrupted by Mr. Jones, who causes the animals to flee and scatter throughout the barn.
Mr. Jones-
Drunk farmer who represents Tsar Nicholas II
- Female mare and Boxer’s close friend.
Old Major-
Prize Middle White boar who seeks rebellion. Old Major represents Karl Marx and the Russian revolutionary leader Vladimir Lenin.
- Horse with great strength and a motivated and dedicated attitude. He follows the pigs' controls and passes their sayings to the other animals.
Animal Farm Chapter 1
room for storing food supplies
settled comfortably
those differing in opinion
Enmity- a
ctive hatred or will
of the highest rank/importance
playfully skipped
small wooded area w/underbush
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