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No description

Georgia Tran

on 13 November 2012

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Transcript of Heroes

Heroes A presentation by Georgia Tran Heroes and their traits What is a hero? The characteristics of a hero are: >Bravery
>Endurance >Valor
>Selflessness >Sacrifice
>Humility >Perseverance Hero Number 1 JOHN EGBERT John Egbert is a character from a currently active webcomic called "Homestuck." John has the courage of a lion and will continue fighting no matter what happens. When he encounters that his father, and his friend, Rose's mother had been killed by Bec Noir, he stood up against Bec. Bec easily defeated John in mere seconds, but soon John revives in his final form, God Tier. He defeats Bec Noir and must revive his friend and save the rest of the universe. John reviving after he had been stabbed by Bec Noir John is a courageous hero, brave and selfless, but he never forgets about his friends. Another trait of John's is his humility. He never has, and never will see himself as higher than his friends. He reached God Tier before any of his friends could, but then helped out all of his friends in reaching his same level.

John doesn't act arrogant or place himself on a higher tier than the rest. He acts like himself around all his close friends and in truth, he isn't actually that cool. He's actually a friendly kid, who occasionally offends people without meaning to, he's just blunt! John doesn't think too much about what he says before he actually says it. John can sometimes panic and become a hot mess, but his friends are always there to help him out HERO #2 Hermione Granger This character can be easily recognized by a lot of people. She's a character from the Harry Potter books, and by far is one of the most heroic people in the book. The reason I wanted to present Hermione as a hero, is because of her perseverance and determination. She tries hard at everything she does, whether it be for her, or for her friends. Hermione definitely is determined and will try over and over until she finally gets something right. For example, and the first year she attended Hogwarts, she tried hard to make friends, but much of the girls giggled and saw her as a studious anti-social book worm, so she instead tried to join readily formed peer groups, Harry and Ron, was one she tried to join. She of course doesn't end up talking to them the first time, they ignore her. But she keeps trying, and eventually they become a trio of friends. The book wouldn't be right if Hermione didn't keep trying, would it? John prepares to fight off some ogres once he reviving as God Tier. Hero number 3 Florence Nightingale Florence was an English nurse who came to prominence for her pioneering of working as nurses during the Crimean war. She was dubbed the "Lady with the lamp" due to her renowned nightly rounds.

Florence always wanted to be nurse, but being born of a wealthy family, her family didn't approve, but she eventually became a nurse and taught others the proper ways of caring to injuries. She taught cleanliness is next to healthiness. Florence always was a fighter. She had the courage to go against all negative comments as she pushed through to help those in need.

When she had requested to re-build a hospital to make it more efficient, and more sanitary, she had to sit in office with the person in charge just to get permission to build it. This shows she had determination, and will do what she will to get what she needs. Hero Number 4 Jade Harley Jade is another character from Homestuck. She has quite a quirky personality, and seems to fall asleep constantly. She tends to be forgetful, and wears colorful rings on her fingers as reminders. She's extremely brave and loving. She's seen to be playing the flute, but rather in a silly manner, but is indeed very skilled in the eclectic bass. She's also a highly skilled markswoman, but strangely enough, is also a pacifist. Evidence Jade is obviously a pacifist Jade shooting a gun while blindfolded Jade is passionate about what she does, and cares fondly of her friends. She'd rather not fight if it's not necessary, but will defend when an enemy strikes. She's brave and courageous, and will not hesitate in doing what she needs to to save the worldly population. Jade quickly shrinks the universe into miniature stature and saves all her friends from the universe imploding on itself HERO #5 NEPETA LEIJON Nepeta is a courageous character that thinks and reacts quickly in the face of danger. Her actions are thought out quickly and carried out boldly, almost as if she were a wildcat, which being raised in the woods in a cave by a wildcat would make sense. Nepeta sacrificed her own life to save the life of her friend, which in the end was in vain. She's a risk taker, and isn't afraid to take on what's thrown her way. THANK YOU FOR WATCHING I REALLY APPRECIATE IT Made and edited by Georgia Tran.
Checked by
Serena Steers, Serena Steers, Serena Steers, and Hannah Wetzel.
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