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Good to Outstanding through effective CPD

No description

saul graydon

on 8 April 2014

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Transcript of Good to Outstanding through effective CPD

Moving Teaching from
Good to Outstanding through effective CPD

Effective Leadership
Teaching & Learning Meetings
Leadership Coaching/training
Future Leaders
Effective Partnerships
Leadership Courses


Middle Leadership Collaboration and Challenge
Professional Learning Community (PLC)
A Good School
Key Areas
ASPIRE - Future Leaders
Creative Teaching Group
Good to Outstanding CPD - external

Developed into:
Monday PLCs
Wednesday Creative
Thursday Leadership

Effective Learning in Schools
‘It doesn’t matter very much which school you go to, but it matters very much which teachers are teaching you.’
The Aim
The Ebbw Fawr Learning Community Journey
The Outline Plan
If we allocate teachers into three equal-sized groups, below average, average and above average, then students taught by an above average teacher make 50 per cent more progress, and those taught by a below average teacher make 50 per cent less progress than students taught by average teachers (Hanushek 2011).

The most effective teachers are therefore at least three times as effective as the least effective.

• Teachers talk about teaching
• Teachers observe each other’s practice
• Teachers plan, monitor and evaluate together
• Teachers teach each other
Partnerships with other schools

Year Head Teacher Teacher Teacher  
Subject Leader Teacher Teacher Primary
Subject Leader Teacher Teacher Primary
Teacher Cover supervisor TA

A little bit of context

Teaching & Learning Meetings

Professional Standards


CPD Strands at Ebbw Fawr

Moving to excellence
Outstanding Leading Programme for staff whose lessons are consistently good .
Training may be supplemented by any of the above.


PGCE Leadership Management

Subject leadership


Shape teaching development
Practise new ideas
Provide local evidence for research

Creative teaching

All staff:
All staff to try 3 new things
from directory

3 Interim Reviews per Year
Predicted Grades

Current Termly Progress Trackers

Targets used for RAP meetings

Individual Targets for Students
Checked against Core Data & FFT
What should be on a marksheet?
Book Scrutiny &...

Creative Teaching
Future Leaders
Weekly briefings
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