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Sales rep portion_Pittman

No description

Katy Pittman

on 1 June 2015

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Transcript of Sales rep portion_Pittman

10 Steps of a Sales Call
1. Prepare to make the sales call.
- Pre-Plan

2. Enter like a Professional.
- Exceeding appearance and organization standards
-Retailers give their best rating to sales representatives who show
with the success of their business.
-Reliable and Dependable
-Excellent market and product knowledge
-Good work ethic
-Sincere interest in their business
-Act as a consultant to their business

10 Steps Cont'd
3. Survey for Sales Opportunities.
- Communicate and present sales opportunities with store managers

4. Take Inventory.
- Determine inventory through hands on activities

5. Service Gallo Product.
- Merchandising/Display, Cold Box, Shelf, POS, and Cross-Merchandising Management

6. Prepare Presentation.
- Pre-Plan for success

7. Make Presentation.
- Consult and complete sale through expert service and knowledge of appropriate Gallo product
10 Steps Cont'd
8. Thank, Collect, and Remind.
-Thank your retailer for their business; Collect any outstanding checks. Remind the retailer of the services you've accomplished and let them know what to expect on next delivery

9. Record the Call.
-Write down sales on appropriate forms then record items needed for future sales calls such as point of sale and merchandising opportunities

10. Write the order and set objectives for the next call on that account.
-Enter and send order into computer then record/plan objectives for next call
Areas of Responsibility
What You Will Gain as a Sales Representative
This is your road map to your Gallo goals!
Phase One:
The Role of a Sales Representative

Katy Pittman

Territory Management
Personal Presentation
Consultative Selling Skills
Product Knowledge
Merchandising Principles
Territory/Time Management
Building Business Relationships
Setting the foundation to your future
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