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Civil War Battle Timeline

No description

Hannah Claycamp

on 20 October 2015

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Transcript of Civil War Battle Timeline

Civil War Battle Timeline
First Bull Run
Date: July 21, 1861
Major figures: "Stonewall" Jackson
- First major battle of the civil war
- Confederates win
- Jackson gets nickname "Stonewall"

Battle of New Orleans
Date: December 24, 1862-June 8, 1863
Major figures: Andrew Jackson
- Americans win even though outnumbered 2-1
- United states gains control of Mississippi river
Battle of Antietam
Date: September 17, 1862
Major Figures: George McClellan and Robert E. Lee
- Leads to Emancipation Proclamation
- Known as the "Bloodiest Day" in American history
- 23,000 casualties
- Union victory
Battle of Gettysburg
Date: July 1, 1863- July 3, 1863
Major Figures: Robert E. Lee and George G. Meade
-Union victory
- Largest battle of the civil war
- Leads to Abraham Lincolns "Gettysburg Address" speech

Grants Siege on Lee's Virginian army
Date: June 9, 1864 - July 3, 1864
Major Figures- Ulysses S. Grant
- Union victory
- Casualties were high on both sides
Sherman's march on Georgia
Date: November 15 1864- December 21, 1864
Major Figures: General William Sherman and Abraham Lincoln
- Union victory
- Capture of Port of Savannah
Surrender at Appomattox
Date: April 9, 1865
Major Figures: Grant Lee
- Lee's army retreats
- Surrenders to Grant
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