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Ray Bradbury

No description

Melissa Sweeney

on 13 February 2013

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Transcript of Ray Bradbury

Ray Bradbury's Story Period 4 Reading His Life What was Going on in the
During his Life New Inventions & Innovations American and World Events Impact on Bradbury Family Childhood and Teenage Years Where did he live? The Life Of Ray Bradbury His Birth and Death Pieces written by Ray Bradbury Introduction By: Melissa Sweeney, Jess Raichel and Ashlynn A. Hawes Born- August 22, 1920 in Waukegan, Illinois Ray Douglas Bradbury was born in Waukegan, Illinois, on August 22, 1920
Between 1926 and 1933, the Bradbury family moved back and forth between Waukegan and Tucson, Arizona
In 1934, the Bradbury family moved to Los Angeles, California Bradbury was the oldest child in his family
Ray married Maggie McClure in 1947
He had four daughters- Susan, Ramona, Bettina, and Alexandra 1925- the television
1930- mechanical toothbrush
1931- electric razor
1932 : radio telescope; parking meter
1933 : electron microscope
1935 : electric guitar
1936 : sun tan lotion; electric blanket
1938 : photocopying
1939 : helicopters; cloud seeding to trigger rain
1942 : first nuclear reactor built; Napalm
1944 : kidney dialysis machine
1946 : microwave ovens; automation
1947 : transistors; holograms; artificial intelligence; mobile phones
1948 : general purpose computers; contact lenses
1950 : credit cards; self-cleaning house; junction transistor
1952 : wide-screen cinema
1953 : transistor radio
1954 : solar cell; synthesiser
1955 : hovercraft; atomic clock; polio vaccine; structurally modified antibiotics
1956 : video tape recorder
1957 : satellite; endoscope
1958 : video games; microchip; modems
1959 : car seat belts
1960 : cardiac pacemaker; laser
1961 : Man in Space; Valium
1964 : computer mouse
1965 : optical disc; bay buggy; HTML
1966 : kevlar; fibre optics; pocket television
1967 : portable calculator
1968 : biometrics; Workmate; artificial heart
1969 : the Internet; cash dispenser
1970 : LED and LCD’s
1971 : floppy disc
1972 : Prozac; disposable lighter
1973 : genetic engineering; barcodes; car airbags
1975 : personal computer; laser printer
1977 : In vitro fertilisation; MRI scanner; inkjet printer
1979 : first personal stereo
1980 : Hepatitis B vaccine
1981 : scanning tunnelling microscope
1986 : high temperature superconductor
1987 : disposable contact lenses
1989 : World Wide Web 1929-1941: The Great Depression
1939-1945: World War II (WWII)
1947-1991: The Cold War
1950-1953: The Korean War
1957-1975: The Space Race
1963: President Kennedy Assassination
1965-1975: Vietnam War
1969: Man Landing on the Moon These new technologies and current events most likely impacted and influenced Ray Bradbury greatly. For instance, most of his literary works have connections that parallel to the things happening in his life. Further, the television plays a major role in Ray Bradbury's "The Pedestrian". When the short story was written, the t.v was a new technology. Seeing how it was so advanced and modern for that age, Ray Bradbury may have gotten overwhelmed and frightened by the quick pace of progress. (Evidently, many of the themes in his short stories was "the price of progress). Additionally, he may have been afraid of what this new innovations would do to society. He expresses these fears in stories such as "The Pedestrian" where the locals have turned into mindless zombie-esk versions of the people they used to be. Also, in "A Sound of Thunder", Ray Bradbury shows how newer machines can be cause of huge problems and ordeals. Next, current events have also influenced his writings. For instance, in "The Sound of Thunder", fascism as well as dictatorship is hinted. World War II could have possibly been the inspiration for these aspects in the story. Adolf Hitler was a huge tyrant in WWII and probably made an impact on Ray Bradbury's life. In addition, since he lived through the great depression some of his works ("The Pedestrian" and "All Summer in a Day") have an ominious and sad setting. These gloomy and depressing atmospheres are much like the one that was over America in the 1930's. Some of Ray Bradbury's short stories are science fiction and include space travel such as "All Summer in a Day". Space exploration was popular throughout his lifetime and could have inspired him to write about those living on Venus and traveling on rocket ships from planet to planet. Finally, The Cold War had been caused due to an oppressive government and in all of his stories, he includes this aspect, specifically in "A Sound of Thunder". -Farewell Summer -The Pedestrian -All Summer In A Day -Sound of Thunder -Fahrenheit 451 -Shadow Show After moving there as a teenager, he continued to live in Los Angeles as an adult. Death- June 5, 2012 (age 91) in Los Angeles, California Interesting Facts Childhood-
lived in Waukegan as a child
he incorporated Waukegan into his novels and stories
loved musicians
read adventure and fantasy fiction
became a writer at age 12-13
moved to California in 1934 (at age 14)
Teenage Years - Early Adulthood-
in his teens he was in the drama club and befriended Hollywood celbrities
graduated high school in 1938 (during the depression)
didn’t attend college because his family didn’t have the money
local library “raised him” when he could have been in college
he went to the library 3 days a week for 10 years
he sold newspapers to support his writing
in the magazines he made, everything inside was written by bradbury
Pendulum was his first professional piece in 1941 Modern Happenings Thanks for Watching!!!:) -He never learned to drive
-Even though he wrote in fantastic settings, he truly loved rural life
-He wrote everyday yet never went to college
-One of his pieces was written over a 55 year period
-He was a descendant of a Salem witch who was sentenced to hang
-He did not believe he was a science fiction writer
-He was inspired by Edgar Alan Poe
-He was given a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame Sites
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