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Soviet Foreign Policy During the 1920's.

The aim of this presentation is to show the changes in Foreign Policy that took place under Lenin and the Bolsheviks and under Stalin's rule during the twenties. Enjoy it.

margarita vallduriola

on 12 April 2010

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Transcript of Soviet Foreign Policy During the 1920's.

Soviet Foreign Policy 1919-1929
Following Marx: revolution should happen in the advanced states of Europe to make sure that the revolution in the Soviet union could succeed. In 1919: comintern was created to achieve this aim.
the civil war, eventhough won by the bolsheviks, made clear that the ussr was seen as a hostile regime by western countries. ussr was the only communist nation in the world. what to do next?

a dilemma:
should the ussr work to break down capitalists governments?
should the ussr get stability by using diplomatic relations with the capitalists countries? Lenin and the bolsheviks aproached the second option: eventhogh the comintern stayed active, the lenin focused on the security of the ussr.
1922: treaty of rapallo. In this treaty germany and ussr agreed on mutual secrect military co-operation. they recognized each other: ussr not isolated anymore.

lenin and the bolsheviks saw britain as the main enemy: despite the economical agreement (anglo-soviet trade agreement in 1921), relationship between both countries will be difficult (depending on the what party lead the british government, relations will be strained or not). the zinoviev letter: following this (fake) letter, there was a soviet plot to do the revolution in britain using force.

In 1924: France, britain and italy recognized the ussr officialy.

Why would reactionary germany made an agreement with soviet russia?
necessity! both countries were seen as "pariah of europe", the outcasts. the treaty included the germany could train his (forbidden) army in soviet territory, russia could trade with germany. 1924 "socialisme in one country": when stalin adopts this way of socialism, all the foreign policy will be subordinated to the interests of the Soviet Union. This means that the Comintern will not longer be an organization to spread communism, but to make links with other communist parties around the world to protect the security of the USSR. Don't forget that this new theory (created by Bukharin) was adopted during the STRUGGLE FOR POWER to get rid of Trotsky! Socialism in one country:
china? stalin didn't help mao. following isaac deutscher , "stalin sacrificed the chinese revolution in what he believed to be the interest of the consolidation of the soviet union".
poland? rumours said poland (capitalist) wanted to invade ussr.
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