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English 10/11/12 Syllabus

No description

C Meyer

on 16 September 2015

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Transcript of English 10/11/12 Syllabus

Course Syllabus
English 10/11/12
photo (cc) Malte Sörensen @ flickr
Community Day School
Room C
Miss Meyer
English 11 and 12 integrates the language arts skills of reading, analysis, interpretation, writing, research, speaking, and listening through a literature-based curriculum.
Each assignment completed in class will be graded. Grades are weighted in order to give higher value to assignments that reflect student understanding of skills and standards.
Grading Policy
Grading Scale
-Daily Work . . . . . .15%
-Classwork. . . . . . . .35%
-Assessments. . . . . .50%
I do not give points in my English gradebook for participation. I believe your English grade should reflect mastery of English standards that you achieve through assignments.

I reward students who participate regularly by adding additional points onto classwork assignments and rounding grades.
English 11
English 12
Class Policies
and Procedures

Make Up Work
-All assignments are to be completed the day they are assigned and kept in your class folder unless instructed otherwise.
-Work is collected from your class folder turned in about every 2 weeks.
-Grades are updated every two weeks.
-Grades are posted on Student Portal and posted in class.
-Students are personally responsible for making arrangements with the teacher to complete make up work within a reasonable amount of time.
Use your best judgment and show respect.
Follow our ESLRs:
1. Academically Proficient
2. Skilled Communicators
3. Personally and Socially
I view the student level system as a way to reward students who are serious about their schoolwork, demonstrate mature behavior, and respect CDS. I also view it as a way to keep the line of communication clear to students who need to improve their behavior before they return to their regular schools.
Student Levels
I do not recommend students who have missing assignments, or are receiving a D or F in my class. Students with excessive tardies or absences, or those who cannot follow my class rules will not be recommended no matter what grade you are receiving in my class. I expect that you take your application and this process seriously.
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