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SfNP Summer Seminar - Digital Curation

No description

Chris Fryer

on 17 June 2013

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Transcript of SfNP Summer Seminar - Digital Curation

Tool Demo

What next?
Collaboration, collaboration, collaboration...
This is me...
Some background...
Like many organisations we are increasingly aware of the strategic need to manage current electronic records whilst also ensuring their long term future.
What is Digital Curation?
"Our digital memory accessible tomorrow" Digital Preservation Coalition (DPC).

"Digital curation can be viewed as a set of concurrent processes" The National Archives (TNA).

To collect, preserve and make available significant digital content - just like traditional archives.

To avoid every archivists nightmare!
PC Lost
All My Life was Inside
An Old Dell
Reward Guaranteed
Build a simple system that can be maintained (easier said than done!)

Building a Digital Repository
Records Management
The Northumberland Estates
I'm Chris Fryer and I'm a Digital Curator and Assistant Records Manager for Northumberland Estates.

So what does this mean? It means I lead the development of a digital repository and Electronic Document Records Management System (EDRMS). Before doing this for NE I worked as a Project Officer and studied on the Information Managent and Preservation (Digital) course at Glasgow University.
What I hope you'll be able to take away...
Some basic info about digital preservation.
Personal experience as a new professional to engage with new technologies.
An insight in my day-to-day tasks management and how I balance the two strands of my role (digital preservation and records management).
Digital Repository
Lead on the implementation of an Electronic Document Records Management System (EDRMS).

Review and improve existing RM policies and procedures.

Electronic Records Management not in isolation from digital preservation - part of the same holistic approach.

Fundamental tension between between an organisations need to manage it's IT and it's need to manage records.

The challenge for records managers is not only ‘how do we set up a records system that works’, but ‘how do we set up the records system in such a way that as the business wishes to adopt applications/technologies it can, and these application/technologies can become part of the records system rather than sitting apart from it.

DROID stands for Digital Record Object IDentiication and helps you automatically profile a wide range of file formats.
Profiling your formats helps you to manage your information more effectively. It helps you to identify risks (and therefore plan mitigating actions). It can also help you to save money, for example by supporting data reduction.
It's free! And (really) easy to install and use.
You can produce a full list of everything you have got, where it is, and what format it is in, including the version of the format used. It recognises files using 'signature' information provided by The National Archives.
So what exactly does this result in?
A detailed and comprehensive digital preservation audit.
The first steps to identifying potential risks.
Detecting duplicates.
Reducing space and cost.
Understanding your information.
DROID can generate Checksums for each individual file.
A value is initially generated and saved. It is then compared to the original to ensure the object has not changed.

The information created by these fixity checks provides evidence for the integrity of the digital objects and are essential to enabling trust.
Thank you! Questions?
'When dealing with any challenge associated with digital preservation it is important to remember that it is a relatively new field of expertise which is contantly developing.'
'Institutions can find ways forward that are incremental, manageable, and affordable, and which can achieve the goal of securing our digital heritage for the next generation.
Parsimonious Preservation
Just some of the orgnaistions that can help...
Digital Repository
From the traditional...
...to the contemporary
When dealing with digital preservation it is important to remember that it is a relatively new field of expertise which is constantly developing.
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