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No description

Carrie Wallis

on 1 June 2015

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Transcript of JTAcq

Ordering workflow using JTAcq
Import items from selectors:

Jessamine County Public Library
Located in Nicholasville, KY
Creator: Jim Taylor
Programmer . . . for libraries
A Collection Development/Purchasing
Application for Libraries

User (1 of many): Carrie Wallis
Assistant Collection Services Librarian
Jessamine County Public Library
(Acquisitions Librarian)
Formerly at Asbury Seminary Library
"There has to be an easier way"

Get prices and availability from vendors
Sort items in bins
Generate reports for selectors
Attach OCLC holdings
Population: 50,000
Materials budget: $600,000
ILS: SirsiDynix Workflows
1 FT Cataloger + 1 Acquisitions Librarian + 1 Collection
Services Librarian
Catalog 2,000-3,000 items per month
JTAcq's Best Features
Price comparisons
Working in batch
Local holdings check
Item availability
OCLC records: Retrieving & Editing
Updating OCLC holdings
MARC mapping
Importing records/order for EDI
Jim Taylor
B&T carts, Ingram carts, Amazon wishlists
Select & edit records
Add local fields
Export .mrc file into Sirsi MARC order
Get MARC records from OCLC:
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