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MTV Network: The Arabian Challenge

BBA 340 Case study

Dian Yu

on 1 April 2016

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Transcript of MTV Network: The Arabian Challenge

The Arabian Challenge
Natalie Mooy
Alice Coady
Yu Dian
MTVN, a Short History
Launched on 1st, August 1981
Renamed MTV Network
Acquired by Viacom Inc.
Launched its first overseas channel in Europe
"Think Globally, Act Locally" & Massive global expansion
Catered 1.5 billion potential audience
Operated more then 140 channels across the world
Launched MTV Arabia in partnership with Arabian Television Network
Think Globally, Act Locally?
"Something we decided early on was to not export just one product for the world but to generate a very different experience for our brands depending on the local culture."
"We are not in the business of exporting American culture."
"Anti-American sentiments?"
"Decentralized structure and empower the local stuff?"
MTV bears the image of open Western culture
"As a brand, one would think that MTV is the ultimate example of what the religious, conservative cultures of the Middle East would most revile about Western pop culture."
More then 50 local music Channels operating in the region
Anti-American sentiments take a large proportion of the population
Providing localized music contents without diluting its own brand image.
Entering the cultural sensitive environment in the region with internationalized music
The 'Arab world'
Family is priority
Hierarchy and Bureaucracy
Youth bulge
60% international, 40% Arabic
Less "Western" content
Explore music talents of local teenagers
With understanding and respect
Thank you!
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