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Event-Based Components

Scalable, evolveable, understandable Building Blocks for Software Systems

Ralf Westphal

on 17 June 2010

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Transcript of Event-Based Components

Event-Based Components Building Blocks for scalable, evolveable, understandable Software Systems by Ralf Westphal,
www.ralfw.de, ralfw.blogspot.com
What is different n software? Broad
dependencies Today defined by
services Fine-grained
dependencies defined by
clients Tomorrow A New Component Mindset Dissolving Topological
Dependencies Formalization 1. Components are specified
by a single interface interface IClient
{...} 2. "Needs" are defined
with delegates, "offerings"
are procedures interface IClient
event Action<string> Out_RequestProcessing;
void In_ReceiveResult(string text);
} 3. Pins are standardized Delegates/events and procedures are of the form Action<T> Event-Based Components Basic Terminology Benefits of Event-Based Component Mindset True Layers of Abstraction Old-style Components Refinement Event-Based Components Stepwise Refinement Architecture in sync
with Code Clear Separation
of Concerns Clear and simple:
Boards wire up components
Parts implement business logic Intuitive Designs through flow based perspective Simple AOP through wiretaping and interception Scalable Architectures due to event-/message
orientation More Potential for Reuse due to standardized pin
(method contracts) Event-Based Components Building Blocks for Scalable and Evolvable Architectures
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