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Psychological Profile on Barney Stinson

No description

Sanjida Alam

on 30 May 2014

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Transcript of Psychological Profile on Barney Stinson

Humanistic Perspective
Barney’s mother and father were never genuine to him

Barney was falsely nurtured by empathy by Rhonda: the women he lost his virginity to.

Barney was only fully accepted by his friends

Developmental Profile
Barney was raised by his single mother Loretta with his black older brother James.

As a child, Loretta Stinson slept around a lot and therefore both James and Barney never knew who their fathers were.

Barney's mother wound often lie to him to prevent his feelings from being hurt
Social Psychology
What makes Barney such an interesting character?

- he's a womanizer
- lives by the bro code
- he has on obsession with suits
- he has an interesting family background
-he adds excitement to the gangs life
Psychoanalytic perspective
Barney had always repressed the idea of ever having a stable relationship someone.

Barney’s mother was a single mother who had always slept around a lot.

His ex girlfriend Shannon dumped him to be with a older rich man who wore suits.
Who is Barney Stinson?
Barnabus "Barney" Stinson is a one of the five main characters of How I Met Your Mother, portrayed by Neil Patrick Harris.
Psychological Profile on Barney Stinson
Two Perspectives that are going to be used
Psychoanalytical: Most of Barney's problems are a result of the repressed feelings from his childhood

Humanistic: The people in his childhood didn't nurture his growth in the right path
Barney developed an id that considered his ideal self to be just like that man Shannon was with.

Barney's superego however always wanted to get married someday and have a family
Barney is very loyal to his friends

Barney would comply to social pressures

Due to social facilitation, Barney does an exceptionally well job picking up women at MacLaren’s pub with all of his friends watching.
All the illogical lies and sleeping around by Barney’s mother had caused Barney develop disorganized attachment.

Barney is also insecurely attached to his mother

Loretta’s parenting affected Barney in the future because he grows up to having difficulty opening up to others and conveying his emotions.
Determination of Abnormal Psychology
Barney is diagnosed with ADHD

-Barney is a quick talker
- he fidgets a lot
- he has poor listening skills
- throws tantrums
- is very creaticve
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