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The Fellowship Of The Ring

No description

tayler waterman

on 13 January 2016

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Transcript of The Fellowship Of The Ring

The Fellowship Of The Ring
This Is The Shire
In Rivendell The Fellowship Is Created
The fellowship is a group of free folk joined together to protect the ringbearer on his journey to mordor and destroy
the ring.
This Is Mordor
Elrond the lord of Rivendell created the fellowship of the ring in one of his famous councils
Lord Elrond
The One Ring
This is where
you meet the first
four members of
the fellowship,
including the ringbearer.
This is the ringbearer, Frodo
Frodo grew up in the shire with his
uncle Bilbo who you met in the
Hobbit. Frodo like any hobbit,
are very agile on their feet.
This is Sam
Sam is Frodo`s loyal companion throughout
their journey. Sam also grew up in the shire with his gaffer. In the shire Sam is Frodo`s gardener at bag end.
This is Pippin
Pippin is best of friends with Merry.
Out of his three friends Pippin is
probably the most clumsy and is at first afraid he won`t find his courage until he shows great bravery when he saves faramir, boromir`s brother.
This is merry
And last of the four hobbits
we have Merry who is pippin`s
best friend. Merry wants to fight against
the orcs with Rohan in Gondor but the king bids him to stay at Rohan. lady eowen then sits him on her horse and they ride to Gondor even though their not aloud to fight.
did you know that hobbit feet are large and that their soles work like shoes so all four hobbits walked their journey barefoot!
The Shire
Erebor is the ancient dwarf kingdom.
This is Gimli
Gimli is the son of Gloin, an original member of the company in the Hobbit. Gimli isn`t too agile on his feet, but he wields his axe exspertly. Even though dwarves and elves have a grudge against each other, Gimli and an elf named legolas become good friends.
This Is Gloin Gimli`s dad
This is the lonley mountain
This is Erebor
This is the elf kingdom of mirkwood
This is legolas
Legolas is the son of Thranduil the lord of the elf kingdom in mirkwood. Legolas is a good friend of Gimli. Legolas is very skiled with a bow and is very agile.
This is Thranduil
This is Bree
Bree is a small town home to both hobbits
and men
This is aragorn
Aragorn also known as strider, Lives around bree in the wild. Aragorn is good friends with Gandalf the wizard.He leads the four hobbits from bree to rivendell. Aragorn grew up in rivendell with his mother even though they were from the race of men. Aragorn is good with both bow and sword alike.
did you know?
Aragorn is really the heir to the throne of Gondor!
This is Minas Tirith
Minas Tirith, nicknamed 'The White City'and also known as Gondor is one the kingdoms of men.
This is Boromir
Boromir grew up in minas Tirith with his brother faramir and his father the steward of Gondor. Boromir wields only a sword as a weapon, But he also carrys a shield and a horn to blow just in case he gets in trouble.
This is faramir
This is gandalf
Gandalf is a wizard who travels middle earth keeping it safe from the forces of evil. Gandalf is friends with many people including animals. He is friends with Gwahir the eagle, Shadowfax, Beorn the shape shifter, Abergast the brown [a wizard]. Gandalf is in a group called the white company.
This is gwahir the eagle
This is shadowfax the horse
This is Beorn the shape shifter
This is Abergast the brown
did you know?
Gandalf was part of the original company in the
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