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Funding Fundraising: STPGC November 2014

No description

Christopher Cannon

on 6 November 2014

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Transcript of Funding Fundraising: STPGC November 2014

How & Where do We Invest?
Strategic and campaign planning
Change the evaluation (margins)
Raised per FTE
Net gain as ROI
Focus on organizational margins
Change the compensation package
Report outcomes internally
Leverage investment growth story
What Approaches Are Working to get more Investment?
Donors, Staff, Volunteers
Higher Yield Options (real p2p)
Base Building for the Future (online p2p)
How & Where Should We Invest?
Industry biases
Staffing Models
Growth Inhibitors
Data Gaps
Internal Issues
What Obstacles Must We Address?
Funding Fundraising
What are you going to do about it?
Approach like a business
Deliver a few things well (reports! integration!)
Manage expectations
Build a consensus
Illustrate long-term benefits
Other ideas?
What's the future look like?
Concentrated wealth
Decline in participation
Access to options
Blending of notion of nonprofit
Who knows!
What's specific to
gift planning?
Talk with your table mates about
what you're investing in for planned giving.

Does your investment match your expected returns? Discuss.
What's Stopping You?
What's Working?
Talk amongst yourselves...
Our Plan today:

Discussion on investment in our industry
Ideas about how to increase investment
Brainstorming break-outs in-between
Ideas and questions throughout
Billionaires, etc.
90% from 1%
The rest of our constituents
Typically 65-70% of budget
Fundraising Effectiveness Program Data
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