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evolution of evoultion and some other stuff

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olivia barnett

on 9 January 2013

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Transcript of evolution of evoultion and some other stuff

The Evolution of Evolution And some history stuff By: Alec Sheets & Olivia Barnett 1735 2001 Linnaeus 1735 Botanist classifies all life into Kingdoms, classes, orders, genera, and species. Comte De Buffon 1749 Speculated living things evolved according to natural laws. Proposed humans and apes are related. Zoonomia 1794 Proposes all life has a common ancestor. Lamarck 1809 Proposes traits develop through use or disuse. Cuvier 1817 Argues that modern life is too complex to have evolved naturally. Lyell 1830 Argues slow-moving, gradual processes explains Earth's geology. Beagle Voyage 1831-1836 This is the time frame in which Darwin commits himself to science. Lord Kelvin 1846 Proposes age of Earth 20-400 million years old. Origin of Species 1854 Darwin wrote the "most influential book on evolution." Wallace 1858 He prompts Darwin to Publish his book, "Origin of Species". Mendel 1865 Starts to speculate on genes. Descent of Man 1871 Darwin writes this book about human evolution. Horse Fossils 1876 Marsh and Huxley find evidence of horse evolution. Fossils indicate that horses had toes. Radioactivity 1896 Discovery allows for more accurate calculation of Earth's age. NeoDarwinism 1940 Combines modern genetics with Darwin's theories. DDT 1945 Insects became resistant to insecticide. Which gave evidence to support natural selection. DNA 1953 Explains how genes work, and is determined to be in the shape of a double helix. Humans & Apes 1967 Sarich & Wilson find that humans and apes share 98% of their genes. DNA Codes 1990 It became easier to read DNA and shows how genes change over time. Human Genome 2001 Shows how all life is related. 1st optical telegraph. Paris Irving Wrote 'Rip Van Winckle'. Haley's comet reappears. Republican Party is formed in the United States. 9/11 A terrorist attack on the United States. 1989 The world wide web was invented. Lung Cancer is linked to smoking. Alexander Gram Bell invents the Telephone. 1970 Rockefeller founds Standard Oil Co. 1st modern Olympic games.
(Athens) as well as some influential people/events Influential Influential Influential Influential Influential Influential Influential
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