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No description

Cayla Schmidlin

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Wicca

WICCA Why did Wicca come about and how widespread is it today? Where did Wicca come from? How Popluar is Wicca?
Wicca is more popular in the teens now days,they are pushing away from Christanity. Wicca isnt a big religion, but it is known as witchcraft. Why are the rituals and pratice performed?
It became about in 1884 and now is more spread into Canada, Europe, and somewhat in the United States. Wicca came from Europe. The rituals are performed to pray to the God's. Wicca is Different from Christian and Mormanism because: 1. They don't beileive in a Jesus 2. They can drink coffee 3. They don't force their religion My Thoughts I feel that wicca isnt as bad as people make it. The Wiccians cant harm each other or themselves, and the rituals are just there way to pray to their gods.Reading about this topic was instersting because i learned that it's more of a pesrsonal religion, connecting to nature.If you are unhappy with your image you can take little steps to change, the wiccans dont want to change you, its about finding your self and being happy.
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