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Raphael Sanzio

No description

bennett hasley

on 7 October 2013

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Transcript of Raphael Sanzio

Raphael Sanzio

He had a more personal painting style than anyone else at the time
He got to paint the Sistene Chapel which took over one year
Raphael Sanzio
He was born on April 6,1483 in the city of Urbino,Italy..

his death
Raphael Sanzio died on April 6,1520.
He died on his birthday.
people think that he died of mysterious causes.
Others think that he died of sexual encounters and got fever,
The Sistine Chapel
some of his paintings
His Portrait

His Influence
Everyone thought that he painted almost too perfect and set the standard for all painters to come
He was born on April 6,1483 in Urbino,Italy
He died on April 6,1520 in Rome,Italy
He painted many things
he did multiple paintings of women and their children
more of his paintings
Characteristics of his art
He usually used unusual dark grey pigment with a shiny,sparkling appearance

His art
The mideval art at the time was very cartoonish,had no dimension,and they didn't have emotion
Raphael's art had dimension,emotion,and looked more realistic than other paintings
Influence on society
He usually was called "the prince of painters" because most people thought that his paintings were amazing
References continued
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