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9th Grade Make it Count

No description

Talani Nelson

on 14 July 2016

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Transcript of 9th Grade Make it Count

Make it Count!
9th Grade Year
Using the scale posted, rate yourself on your knowledge of graduation requirements and future opportunities.
In order to earn a standard diploma you will need to meet 4 requirements:

1. 24 required credits

2. GPA=2.0

3. Pass Required State Assessments

4. Pass one online class (excluding Drivers Education)
Sum of grades divided by total credits=GPA
How do I calculate my GPA?
*Chris is a 9th grader and has been playing baseball since he was 5.
*He wants to join the CCHS junior varsity baseball team.
*Chris also wants to be an auto mechanic when he graduates from high school.
Scenario 1
Mark your answer on the guidance activity worksheet.
Today I will understand the requirements for graduation and their importance to my future.
Learning Goal
The Counseling Team
How do I reach my counselor?
*Before school
*During your lunch
*After school
Counselor out of the office?
Fill out a pink appointment slip located at your guidance counselor's office or send him/her an email.
Standard Diploma Requirements
Class of 2017
What are the 24 required credits?
English: 4 Credits
Let's play a game!
*After I read each question, quietly talk to your group to answer the question.

*Write your answer on the dry erase board.

*At my signal, you will show your dry erase board.
Question 1
List 3 examples of classes that count as an art credit.
Question 2
Besides Algebra I and Geometry, what 2 additional math classes can you take to earn a standard diploma?
Let's check your understanding of graduation requirements.
Let's play another game!
*After each scenario, your group will be asked specific questions.

*Write your answers on the dry erase board.

*At my signal, you will show your dry erase board.

Question 1
What is Chris' GPA after the 1st semester report card?
Question 2
What is the GPA a student needs to play sports AND will Chris be able to play with the GPA he has after the 1st report card?
Question 3
What are 3 things Chris can do to improve his grades so that he can play baseball and also move on to the 10th grade?
Did you know?
Cypress Creek has a partnership with Mid FL Tech and Orlando Tech!!!
11th and 12th grade students can take classes for free at these tech schools to start earning hours towards a certification or license!
*Must have at least a 2.0.
What tests do I need to take to graduate?
Reading Assessment-
Coming soon!
*End of Course Exam that you have to earn a passing score:
Algebra 1
*End of Course Exams that are 30% of your final grade:
Algebra 1, Geometry, Biology, U.S. History
Let's check your understanding of calculating a GPA.
GPA= 1.85
Scenario 2
Monica is planning on attending UCF and wants to get the Bright Futures Scholarship to help her pay for it.
In order to qualify for this scholarship, Monica needs at least a 3.0 GPA.
Question 1
After Monica's 1st semester report card, does she have the 3.0 GPA needed for the Bright Futures Scholarship?
Question 2
Monica understands that competitive universities are looking for a 3.0 GPA or higher. What other factors would help Monica get accepted into her dream school, UCF?
Did you know?
Two years of the same foreign language is required for university admissions and some scholarships.
GPA= 2.85
Let's check your understanding of GPA calculation and future opportunities.
Where do you rate yourself now on the scale about your graduation requirements and future opportunities?

Please mark your answer on the guidance activity worksheet.
How many of you have moved up a level on the scale?
List something new you learned today
something you would like more information about.

Homework: Continue to monitor your GPA after each 9 weeks and continue to plan for your future opportunities. If you have additional questions, please see your counselor. :)
CCHS also has a partnership with Valencia College!
Did you know?
In the 11th & 12th grade, you can start taking college classes for free to earn college credit and high school credit at the same time!
*Must have a 3.0 GPA!
Did you know?
The Bright Futures Scholarship has been created by the state of Florida to reward students for high academic achievement.
By the end of your senior year, you will need to have at least:
3.0 or higher GPA (in academic courses)
75-100 hours of community service
Required ACT or SAT scores
Start planning now so that you can get free money for school!
Before we get started...
Be respectful
Listen when others are speaking
Use post its to write down questions.
*You will be given an opportunity to ask your questions at different sections of the presentation. :)
*In between classes is not allowed!
Guidance Activity Worksheet
During the presentation, please follow along on your worksheet and fill in the appropriate blanks.
You are assigned to a school counselor based on your last name.
A-Ch Mr. Harkins
Ci-Gol Ms. Nelson
Gom-Mam Ms. Vaia
Man-Perez, C. Ms. Mitchell
Perez, D.-Sanchez, S. Mrs. Bulled
Sanchez, T.-Z Mrs. Rivera
IB Dr. Shaddix

1. Standard Diploma
2. Scholar Diploma
In addition to meeting the standard diploma requirements, higher level courses and tests are required.
3. Merit Diploma
In addition to meeting the standard diploma requirements, earning industry certifications are required.
Examples: CNA, Culinary, Business, TV Production

Math: 4 Credits
Algebra I
2 Additional math classes
Science: 3 Credits
2 Additional science classes
Social Studies: 3 Credits
World History
U.S. History
U.S. Government/Economics
1.0 Credit
1.0 Credit
8 credits
(Chemistry/Physics and 1 higher level science class required for Scholars Diploma)
(Algebra 2 and 1 higher level math class required for Scholars Diploma)
(2 credits of the same foreign language required for the Scholars Diploma)
(To earn the Scholars Diploma, you must also pass the Biology, Algebra 2, and U.S. History EOC).
(To earn the Scholars Diploma, you must also pass the 11th grade reading assessment).
To earn the Scholar Diploma, you need to earn 1 credit in an Advanced Placement (AP), IB, or Dual Enrollment Course.
Fun Fact:
Unweighted GPA
Weighted GPA
Honors classes
1 extra point for C's or higher.

AP/Dual Enrollment/IB classes
2 extra points for C's or higher.
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